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Winter Wonderland - wallpaper

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due to popular demand (well, one) here's a wallpaper version, 1600x1200 (letterbox)
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MelodycatAjHobbyist Traditional Artist
very realistic it makes me think of Christmas C:
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Hello, I am searching for a reference image to paint a winter wonderland painting for a 16th Bday party thats themed after winter. I was wondering if i could use this image? Its the only one ive found that i would like to put on canvas.
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Wow thats awesome, by any chance can you make this animated? an animated desktop like this would be awesome!
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This is gorgeous! Apologies, I hit "request print" in the way to "download", so just ignore that! Sorry!
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Hi, may i use this as a background for a graffiti?
We'll give you the credits, this is awesome may we use it..?
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so beauty...all of you have
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Nice. Very pretty.
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I'd like to go there *_*
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that is awsome dude i want to make something like tht have a long way teh go!
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silver-vanargandHobbyist General Artist
Impressive :)
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love it!
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Real pretty :) I kinda miss the snow here...but not the cold.
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The instant I saw it I wanted to fav it or explode if I didn't
Freaking AWESOME :D
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Wonderful pic.
I absolutly love how you've done the water.
It's defenetly worthy of a fav:-)
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damn this is sooo kwell...i wana learn how to do stuff like this [link]
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Bigger, better, snowier, sparklier! ^^ Awesome as a CGI Christmas pic can be(well as of yet). I'm faving this masterpiece! :D Keep on designing!
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Weeee.... My request :D hehe...
Now upload i animated 1600x1200 :XD:
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PYTHON-PTNHobbyist General Artist
hey , that is pretty good!
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Very beautiful ^_^
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SythiusHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, very well done!
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Everything that's been said and more!~
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Now THAT'S nice!

Well done!
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