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Boardwalk Empire - Pearl

This is one of my favourite characters from the HBO series Boardwalk Empire -- Pearl, the sliced-up prostitute with a taste for opium & orange juice. She had a rough go of things all right. Portrayed on the tv show by Emily Meade.
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SeraPhinaockHearts's avatar
she was still beutifull even with the scar
AleaSlayer's avatar
Aaaw, I loved her <3
SteamPunkTrunk's avatar
Love this. You really captured the essence of her character.
tigerribs's avatar
; n ; Aw! Poor Pearl! She was one of my favourites too; it was so cute when Jimmy found the little orange ad that she drew on.
this is brilliant, love the show too
grafomanka193's avatar
Ooh, I loved her :<

Very good work. :)
skelly-jelly's avatar
Everyone loved Pearl it seems. Poor girl, so pretty, such a tragedy.

This is awesome fanart. Very cool style.
koleniko707's avatar
Really nice, I like how you drew her in such a lovely style with a fitting and violent background c:
lochlynd's avatar
Wow. I love it. She's one of my favorite characters too. Her and Eli.
DressedUpAlligator's avatar
She was just starting to grow on me too! ;_;
neato123's avatar
WoW!! This is awesome! I love this!!!...

Poor Pearl... :icondesudesuplz:
IknowwhatYOUare's avatar
I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove how you drew her!!!!
Great Job!!!
CKtheRat's avatar
There really needs to be more Boardwalk Empire art... I'd draw some but I haven't seen past episode 4 yet.
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