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Well I must have talked it up with my latest picture, apparently Blake's 7 has got the go ahead for a reboot by the SyFy channel. Let's hope it's a good one and survives more then a few episodes!!!! Awesome :)

Click here for a heads up:…

...and here for a related article for fans:…
Just to say that my next picture is up. It's a re-make of the Liberator from the BBC's Blake's 7 show from the eighties. I did one re-make years ago (also in my gallery) but I fancied doing it again. All just for fun. Might do another scene with the ship as well soon. Cheers!
My next image is going to be a re-make of a re-make! Years ago I did a re-imagining of the Liberator space ship from Blake's 7 in Lightwave. People seem to like the image so I thought I'd give it another bash! The new ship is going very recognisable as the Liberator design but also a bit sleeker, the idea being it's going to be an interceptor of sorts. Anyway, the main model is pretty much done, so it's texturing, scene creation and rendering now!
Finally managed to finish a project using Zbrush and Modo - Exploring Venus at Sunset. Hope people like it :) Right, inspiration for the next one.....
I've not been creating much recently as I have been spending my free time doing Zbrush tutorials. It's an amazing programme but boy does it have a leaning curve. It's going OK, a good few more tuts to go but I plan to start my first Zbrush/Modo project very soon. Although only used it a few times, GoZ rocks :)

I just need more time in my life. :)
Having a play with Sculptris - a free 3D sculpting application from Pixologic - very cool. Have been importing models and UVs into Modo quite nicely. very cool - check it out if you fancy yourself as a 3d sculpter!
Added a new image, "Wonder". Just a fun project. Hope you enjoy :)
Went Filter Forge, very cool. Pixplant is also a great way to make 3d textures from photos, tonnes of potential!!
Thinking about buying Filter Forge as it is on special offer at the moment....any thoughts good or bad?
Latest issue of 3D Art Direct is now available - good listen. Free and you get it by clicking here >…
I've recently discovered 3D Art Direct, a free online magazine and podcast all about science fiction art. It's really very cool. Check it out here:
In summary I would describe my art as a consequence of little time and less talent :) I am a keen hobbyist however and I am hoping to increase my output a bit this year to get better and just create more! I thought I would sign up to be a fully paid up Deviant so I could be part of a community who can make my art better by telling me they think about it! So comment and criticise away! I am looking forward to spending more time here looking at everyone else's amazing work, a lot of the stuff here is truly inspiring!