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Lightsabre and Grenades

By SteveReeves
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This is my first ever Blender project and is based upon a tutorial by CG Geek which really helped me to get up and running with Blender basics. The tutorial can be found here:…  

...and I would recommend it for Blender beginners.

(I also used little Substance Painter and Filter Forge)
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If refinement and skill don't do the trick...toss a grenade at it...

the blade looks good I have trouble with that effect myself so I love to see it done well.
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SteveReevesHobbyist Digital Artist
Works for me :) I so want a thermal detonator - they should be made legal!!
The later part of the tutorial linked above shows how to do the glow in the compositor - actually really easy.
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I support this idea...Never know when ya might have to negotiate with a Hutt...or solve some serious parking problems.

thanks for the tutorial link by the way, can always use more of those.
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SteveReevesHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah indeed :) Can't beat a thermal detonator :-) Thanks!
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Angelwing94Hobbyist Photographer
Excellent. Thermal detonators ahoy!