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FINALLY!!! Deviant Art is allowing name changes!!!

I may have had to upgrade to a premium member but it is worth it!

I have had a ridiculous DA name since 2007 and I have hated it for years, but I was reluctant to create a new account as I had already put so much into this account!

I am a very happy bunny!


Now I am streamlined

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Tonight is the night!!!

An exhibition of the illustations, digital painting & designs of Steve Paul Myers of Monkey Socks Design -

I have been putting up all my work this morning and the event kicks off at 7pm!

So Excited!!!
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Today I drew two of my Grand Parents, the 27th of July was my grandad's birthday so I decided that I would draw a picture of him and my gran together and give it to my gran, as he died of stomach cancer a few years ago.

I know that she will love it.

Well I suppose that I should get started on another drawing of my other grand parents otherwise my Grandma will string me out!

I hope you like it.

thanks Steve

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Journal Entry: Thu Jun 24, 2010, 2:51 AM
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What up dudes,

Please come follow me on twitter, facebook, vimeo, blogger, linkedin and at my new look website!

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Thanks :D


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I have restyled my portfolio site please go and check it out!
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Well well,

My website is almost fully functional, all I have to do is adjust the css to fit all screens, link my game correctly, post my inked work and fix my comments box and I am just about done.

You will also be able to find work that I have completed with :iconhusam-elfaki:

Please feel free to give feedback right here about my website. Bear in mind what I've mentioned above that the yellow is staying.

Steve 'I wish I'd never called myself MyersBastard' Myers
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Hey Dudes,

I have bought a domain and semi-launched my website. While I finish teaching my self html5 I have launched my website via tables so I will have a presence on the interweb.

Please find me at;

Thanks Dudes! :D

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Hey dudes, Merry just past Christmas.

Well it's 2010 in less than a week so I decided to make a 2010 calendar of my digital work, i will also be making a sketch work calendar and a best of.


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The real blog begins!

I have my first exhibition starting on Sunday to last the whole month of November so I thought that I should step it up a notch and make a blog.

Anywho here is the address!…
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As you may or may not of noticed I have been making a few warcraft vectors.

I have now decided that I am going to wait until I can afford a tablet before I try to produce any really good ones as all the ones so far have been done via my Macbook track pad!

However I will be posting all my sketches and if anyone feels like colouring just let me know :D

I will begin with an Orc I think!

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I went to see this tonight and it the fucking tits (that is a good thing) go see it! It was amazing!

Steve loves you all!
Prepare for sketches of all!

New Styles and old assemble!!!!
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Good afternoon Deviants!

As you can see on my profile I now have two 2009 calendars available!

Please feel free to buy as many as you like.

I'll possibly make a best of 2008 calendar for 2009 also before the end of the year!

Cheers and what have you!
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Wings, wings wings .........

I know it's been a while but I have been taken by this introduction to Azeroth ...... geeky!

But I am working on this new idea, wings and trying to create innocence in a drawing possibly using nudity. I don't like to use nudity in my work as I like it to stay in that youth and comic style!

Well "I got soul but I'm not a soldier!"

Wait and see ..............................
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