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Sewer Treatment

By steveoreno
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RATS!! Looks like she's up that creek without a paddle! Good thing she came equipped with her own floatation devices :)

B-) Reno
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In principle, she may try to grind the ropes to free herself until water has covered her head.
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drjsHobbyist General Artist
I wonder if her tits will provide enough flotation to keep her from drowning
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jose123xdxdHobbyist Artist
Esta imagen es parecida a el final alternativo del cómic que estoy haciendo
Razgriz3's avatar
things be looking pretty shitty about now for her
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Curia-DDHobbyist Writer
If that were me I would be screaming my fool head off!!! I am so terrified of rats and mice!!
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Bravetiger101Hobbyist Writer
I want to make some sort of TMNT reference, since its a sewer, but I can't think of one...
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steveorenoProfessional Traditional Artist
This was right before the Turtles were transformed ... you can see Splinter up there on the pipe before the ooze got to him.
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very nice, indeed.
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That's her trained rat Sparky, he's going to gnaw through the ropes and save her! :D
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steveorenoProfessional Traditional Artist
Just as I had hoped!  I always want my Reno Girls to escape... so I can capture them all over again :)
Greeneyes80a's avatar
We thank you very much! ;)
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The rat will set her free
Creampieman's avatar
Loving the damsel in peril, great drawing
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Half-dudeHobbyist General Artist
Don't worry, those boobs are buoyant enough to keep you afloat. XD
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DoctorDoom00Hobbyist Photographer
The sewer water is at a nice level... and rising!!!
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really nice!
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Nice. Could use more rats, swimming over to bite her, but nice enough as it is. Nice work on her boobs, about as big as you could draw them without looking ridiculous.
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I'll rescue her even if it's a stinking job.
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LittleMissAriesHobbyist General Artist
I love it. :D
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Is she naked? I bet she'd want a really nice hot shower if she gets rescued.
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Oh my fuckin god, Reno!
I just lmFao when I read that description.

Must say: Love the art style, love the comedy!
It's things like these that make me want to slap myself and grab a pencil and draw!

Keep the great work flowing!!
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steveorenoProfessional Traditional Artist
Thanks so much... It's very much appreciated!

I kind of need to slap myself and start drawing more and nice comments like yours really help.
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