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Speculative Bruhathkayosaurus



Bruhathkayosaurus matleyi. (Pencil Drawing touchups in photoshop)

The original description of Bruhathkayosaurus described the remains as a theropod. Various DML messages and blog posts on the web suspect Bruhathkayosaurus to be a sauropod; if so, probably a titanosaur. The description is considered poor quality and doesn't show the remains well. There is some debate about the validity of this dinosaur. To add to all this, the original material has been lost! It disintegrated! Only in 2022 have higher quality photos of the material been published.

The tibia of Bruhathkayosaurus was stated to be 2 m long, which implies a huge Sauropod.

This image is highly speculative; it assumes that Bruhathkayosaurus is a titanosaur. It also assumes the 2 m tibia is actually a tibia and not something else. Some have suggested it might actually be a fibula. 

The other proportions are unknown. The limb proportions used in previous iterations of this image were based primarily on measurements suggested by palaeontologists on the Dinosaur Mailing List. In later iterations, I have used more modern Titanosaur reconstructions as a guide.

The neck, tail, and torso lengths are entirely speculative; these vary a lot between different sauropod species. The skull is also speculative. Titanosaur skulls vary from more boxy Malawisaurus-like to longer Rapetosaurus-like.

Please note that this image is not meant to be taken too seriously. This animal has been poorly described and is very fragmentary. This image is just to give a vague idea of its possible size.

Some DML posts on this creature:………


An original version of this image is now here:…

Update: 2/8/09: I have changed the angle of the neck and tweaked some other things. This version is now here:…

Update: 31/12/11: The previous versions have had a more horizontal posture, with the shoulder blades high up on the ribcage, which is probably unlikely, considering the limb proportions I have used. The previous version looked somewhat like Saltasaurus, which is an unusually short-necked titanosaur with a horizontal back posture. This was inspired by the reconstructions in Carpenter's 2006 Amphicoelias fragillimus (Maraapunisaurus) paper. 

However, most titanosaur reconstructions that have come out in recent years seem to have an upward slope to the back. This is usually due to the length of the forelimbs relative to the hindlimbs combined with modern ideas on scapula orientation and position.

Update 31/8/15. Slight improvements to make it more in line with even more recent titanosaur restorations whilst also trying to keep it somewhat generic looking.

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I guess you wouldn't need to edit this too much to get a Patagotitan or Argentinosaurus out of it... very nice work!