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This is a work in progress. Scott Hartman's skeletal was used a reference.

This is image stated off as on of the brachiosaurs that was in this work in progress sketch I uploaded a while back; which can be seen here:

This picture has made me realise how slow I am when it comes to art....

Update 23/11/11: There are only a few differences, I noticed that I had accidentally made the torso too short in the previous version. I have also started on the skin details and adding spines etc.

Update 28/01/13: Uploaded the finished image. 
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Will you update this one based on the current (2014) version of Scott Hartman's skeletal?
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At some point I'd like to do more to it. Time is always an issue.

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Great textures, and superb proportions. It has noble dignity.
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I love how you managed to convey how truly enormous this animal was without actually comparing it to anything. I'm not sure how you did it, but I love it!
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I think it comes down to the 'camera' angle being low to the ground. I usually like to try and show of the scale of sauropods; nice to know it works! Thanks!
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OMG, that's an excellent job! Very convincing.
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Very good work! :)
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Wow, this looks fantastic, and HUGE! Keep up the good work!
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Thanks, I might add in a little human figure sometime just to show off how tall Giraffatitan is.
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Giraffatitan is one of my favorite dinosaurs and this one looks beautiful! Great work on the skin texture and all the small details.
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Thanks! I might need to spend more time on the spines covering the sides of the body, they don't blend in as much as I would like.
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I really don't know if that's really needed, because they look fine to me. I can't see very well in this resolution, but you may add some dropped shadows by the spines. It's amazing that you took time to shade each spine individually.
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Very nice textures. Not so sure about the dorsal spines though. Weren't those (as far as we know) just a diplodocid thing? Also I have doubts about the extreme crest protrusion and overbite in the Hartman version that inspired this. The skull on display in Berlin is distorted so there are many ways to interpret it, but judging based on other brachiosaur skulls (Abydosaurus, Atlasaurus, Paluxysaurus, the Felch Quarry skull) I doubt the top part of the crest projected forward so much, even though the crest was larger than in any of those other forms.
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As far as I know the dorsal spines are only known in a diplodocid. I havn't heard of any brachiosaur skin impressions. Several dinosaurs seem to have dorsal spines from hadrosaurs to possibly ceratopsians, and a diplodicid, it's still possible brachiosaurs had them. That said, it could be that dorsal spines only evolved on the diplodicid branch, if so they are just a layer in photoshop so I can always remove them.

As for the skull, looking at these photos the skull dosn't seem to be in the best condition. I can't tell with certainly just by looking at these photos how much of the crest is reconstructed, but it looks like most of the crest is known. It looks similar in shape to Hartman's, just not quite as forward projecting. Hartman might have restored other parts of the skull differently making the crest become more forward projecting?


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Good point on the crest, I think the top of the crest is a bit squashed which may lead in the forward projecting appearance. Also the snout and lower jaw are somewhat distorted due to crushing. I will be posting a Giraffatitan skeletal of my own soon which should address these distortions.
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Just exquisit.
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