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I used Ville Sinkkonen's , GSP's skeletal and photos of the fossils as references.

The skull of Beipiaosaurus isn't in the best condition so I went for a hybrid of Ville Sinkkonen's and GSP interpretation. GSP restores the tip of the snout as flat in side view whereas Ville Sinkkonen has given it more of a 'beak-like' appearance. I've gone for somewhere in the middle.

Here is a link to the 2011 version:…

Pencil drawing and Photoshop.

Update 10/05/18: I have updated this image somewhat, with the focus mainly on the background. What I've been doing is, experimenting with using CG to help create environments for some my dinosaur images. The aim for this image was to try and make the pencil drawn elements not jar with the CG elements. Within the image is a combination of generated Photoshop trees in and Creative Commons trees and plants from Blendswap, which were then modified. Credit for those plants; Sabastian Lague,  Oliver MH, The Mav, Betomo16, Joseph Bennett. In the future, those models could be adjusted to better match prehistoric species.

I have also given Beipiaosaurus an actual keritenous beak. According to the literitutre the premaxilla hasn't been described which is probably the reason for various reconstructions differing in that area.
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I really dig this.
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Very nice. Didn´t the fossile show long feathers/protofeathers in the arms? (just asking, I really don´t know). It seems to be a common feature in feathered theropods.
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Thanks! The fossils do show protofeathers on the arms, about the length I have drawn here. Unless I have missed somthing. I'll check later today.
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This reminds me of a pelmanism-game we used to play with when I was young... the cards had just pictures like that! :love:
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What I said in 2011.
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