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071 Lumberchuck

By SteveO126
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Lumberjack Pokémon
Ability: *Green Thumb
- Lumberchuck can hoist 1000lb of wood at one time thanks to their immense arm strength. Lumberchuck only cut down healthy solid trees for their homes. A slap from their tail can cause earthquakes.

*Gains STAB with Grass type moves.

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I can see this learning moves like: Ingrain, Hyperfang, Double Slap, Aqua Ring, Aqua Jet, Wood Hammer, Hammer Arm, Muddy Water, Grass Knot, Surf, Aqua Tail, Bubblebeam, Arm Thrust, Bulk Up, Seismic Toss, Submission, Force Palm, Circle Throw, Counter, Dynamic Punch, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Crunch, and Bulldoze.
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Honestly a slap from those hands could be ten times worse then getting slapped by a tail. I imagine it could also use a tree like a bat if it wanted to. Love the simplicity in the design btw! :D
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Lumberjack + woodchuck
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This is a serious improvement compared with bibarel
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I love this design, it definitely personifies a monster beaver :wow:
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This guy looks more intimidating than Bibarel.
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This would be the perfect evolution for Bibarel...!
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How so?

Bibarel seems pretty complete, and even though both look very simple, you could still see this contrast is simply to different for Bibarel. Also, it would be strange to see an 2nd evolution as big as a 3rd one.
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HP 125
ATK 100
DEF 105
S.ATK 60
S.DEF 70
SPD 70
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There's something so legitimately awesome about small cartoon rodents. Maybe this is a reason why.
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AWESOME! The Chubby Beaver!!! Nice design! :)
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Now this is a beaver pokemon done right. Much more better than Bibarel. Great design
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I would definatly use this thing, and I would name it Chuck Norris.
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How much wood would a Lumberchuck chuck if a Lumberchuck could chuck wood?
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Great design and love the ability!
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Interesting size proportions
I like it
Nice work
Love the colors too
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Interesting :)

how much wood can a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
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So what type is it ? Just normal?
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its fighting/water lol.. it says right there below its name
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oh wow :p didn't notice that at all. was focused on the picture itself and the description ^^
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so cool! love this design
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I really like this design especially it's facial design and color scheme :)
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