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069 Nibbuck

By SteveO126
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Whittle Pokemon
Ability: Green Thumb*
- Even when young, Nibbuck are great at carving wood used for tools and weapons in defense. The large whiskers allow them to sense their way in murky water.

Base Stats
HP|60| Attack|70| Defense|45| Sp Attack|50| Sp Defense|35| Speed|45| = 305

Signature Move
Arbor Club
Type: Grass
Power: 60
Accuracy: 100
- The target is hit with a rock hard branch, 30% lowering Defense. The move is Grass and Rock type simultaneously.

*Gains STAB with Grass type moves.

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Love the design, and all the ideas behind the ability/signature move!
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So fricking cute
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Hey.  I'm making a RP website involving a recently discovered island in the Pokemon world.
The "new Pokemon" I want to have are to be Fakemon.
I was wondering if I could use some of these Fakemon.  Complete credit to you and any information
you have written up on the Fakemon would not be altered in anyway.
I'd really appreciate it.  You'd also receive a link to the website once it's set up.
Thank you for considering.
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really cute ! love the ability!
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I think this is a REALISTIC looking Pokemon fakemon! I would love to own this :) this has become one of my favs of yours actually!
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Cute little bugger. He's wearin his brownpants!
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adorable, nice concept as well
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