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020 - 021: Leaf Lure
By SteveO126   |   Watch
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Published: September 26, 2015
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Faux Leaf Pokémon
Type: Water
Ability: Protean
- Leifish are often mistaken for a dropped leaf, floating in the current. The growth on their snout is incredibly sensitive to water quality.

Luring Pokémon
Type: Water/Ground
Ability: Protean
- Deekoi wave their specially designed dorsal fin above them. This lure like fin resembles their formal Leifish. One that gets too close may get eaten by this Pokémon.

Leifish >Lv32> Deekoi
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Comments (31)
didaria's avatar
didaria|Hobbyist Artist
Oooooo, it's kinda like a variant of Luvdisc, but it's still amazing!
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CartoonBen's avatar
CartoonBen|Student Digital Artist
Magnifying Glass Cool. Leaf-shaped fish Pokemon. The idea of fish shaped like leaves sounds awesome. Do they often reside in flooded mangrove swamps?
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JustinC1234's avatar
JustinC1234|Hobbyist General Artist
It's kind of ironic how despite resembling leaves, they are weak to Grass! (Also, they are actually based on real things.… )
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HetalianNation's avatar
so simple but so amazing!
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legendsrising's avatar
Really love this idea, but just a quick question: Wouldn't the whole ''camouflaging into a dead leaf'' be because you don't want to be eaten? And when they evolve, wich is possible because they weren't eaten, they all the sudden have to survive by the assumption that pokemon eat dead leaves.
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EveeLover's avatar
very unique
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justme3345's avatar
justme3345|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool Idea. Especiallly the second.
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Panda-Bonda's avatar
Oh my I thought Deekoi became a plant....and the thing under is the ground...
I was wrong °^°
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MitchiriNekoMarch's avatar
MitchiriNekoMarch|Hobbyist Digital Artist
What if when leifish evolves, it's body becomes a big blob, it's (former) snout becomes a stalk, and it's (former) body becomes the decoy?
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ArtisticTimes's avatar
ArtisticTimes|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's so cute! 
I WANT IT Pikachu want it 
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shuleng's avatar
shuleng|Professional Artist
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STC-Designs's avatar
STC-Designs|Hobbyist General Artist
This is fantastic! I love the concept! Definitely would have this on my team.
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Nitasu987's avatar
Steve, you're a freakin' genius with these designs. Keep them coming!! 
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thecatsaid's avatar
thecatsaid|Student Digital Artist
protean?? good glory what amazing abilities does this fish have to deserve such ability
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Cm25's avatar
Cm25|Hobbyist Writer
My Arceus, I love these Pokémon. Deekoi's name is HILARIOUSLY CLEVER, the typing is solid, the ability is fantastic, and the overall design is just great, like a cross between a Stunfisk and a Gobul.
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Papermachei's avatar
That's ridonculously clever. The final form having a lure that's it's first form. Kind of like my Vish and Sdream line! I kinda wanna draw 'em together now...
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MrKrookodile's avatar
Amazing!! And Protean?! Awesome!!
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KronnicK's avatar
great concepts and design! I can totally see this guy rooting around in the litter on the Amazon river floor :}
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Jai-Ti's avatar
Jai-Ti|Student General Artist
Jealous haha, great concept! Love this also :)
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lipompo's avatar
Omg Deekoi is so weird... I LOVE IT
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DanyTaichi's avatar
really ingenious!
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Mithrilis's avatar
the first stage is cute :D the second is scary... poor little Leifish
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hans-sniekers-art's avatar
hans-sniekers-art|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is a really cool idea with an awesome design ^- ^
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Malamarvellous's avatar
Malamarvellous|Student Digital Artist
Never seen anything like this one before! Awesome design
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