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I haven't posted anything in a while. This piece was inspired by the works of Jae Lee and Joe Quesada with a little Mike Mignola thrown in for good measure.
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Great composition there Steve! Nice black/white balance too...

Cool stuff.

Very best,

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Man, coming from you, that means a lot!
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Keep em wanting more, man!

I am definately digging the composition and inks here. Great mood. Poster quality.

I'd be curious to see what you might do with a vampire piece.
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Thanks!!! This one was very Jae Lee influenced. Love his graphic compositions and use of shadows. Trying to emmulate it a bit.

Getting into vampire-lore lately, so I may have to try a Dracula piece soon...
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Nice stuff, when are you going to put up more sequentials?
this has a nice composition, and it's well executed. I think maybe his left arm is placed a little low though.
Solid stuff, Steve!

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Working on a project with CW right now. Don't know if I'll be posting sequentials here, though. Want to kind of keep things under wraps until the project is scheduled. Don't want to ruin the surprises... ;-)
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wow, long time no see...great piece to return with
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Thanks. I know I've been absent. Sorry, I'll be posting a lot more in the coming weeks, though...
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Very nice, exactly the persona we have all come to expect of the Bat!!
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Batmaaaan! Batmaaan!
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