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To my gear head followers out there. Catch this episode of #RawTalk here

Plus more of me in this episode as I make a few "SPECIAL" appearances! LoL watch the show, you won't be disappointed. Plus catch some new art in this episode too!

Hey guys, been a minute or more like years lol. Okay, for the remaining people who watch me, this info's for you. 

I don't really frequent DA anymore, I'm more of an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Patreon & Periscope guy these days lol SO, here are my links so you can continue to catch my daily updates instead of my dried up dead DA account. Why I left DA? Doesn't matter, just hit up my other spots ;)

Twitter: StevenSanchez

Periscope is an app you can download and watch my LIVE FEEDS while I interact with other fine folks who like to talk art.

Cya on the social media sites!
Yes! I can't mention it enough! 

PERISCOPE is an app created by TWITTER where you can view LIVE STREAMING VIDEO from mobile devices or on TWITTER itself!

You can create your own account or if you already have a TWITTER account just carry that info over to the Periscope app and you're
all set. I post nearly daily at around 9:30 - 10AM EST.

* Wanna see me draw?

* Wanna learn some techniques?

* Wanna chat LIVE with me?

You can and all the info is FREE!!!!!

So what are you waiting for? Get your PERISCOPE on TODAY!!!!  -  Search for my full name: Steven Sanchez and watch for my "S" logo ;)

To purchase any of my Original Art works or Digital Art Books just visit:

INSTAGRAM: SketchArtOfSanchez… Yup, my very 1st  Digital Art Book is up for sale and it's only 0.99 cents! Click the link for more information! :) 


Tue Apr 30, 2013, 7:14 AM
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Granted, many of you don't use and or LIKE Facebook but for those who do, I'm popping this journal up to let you know that a lot of my updates are up on my personal Sketch Art of Sanchez FB Page. Plus I also have an image gallery up there as well that might have unseen pieces here on DeviantArt so it's a fun way to get around the net and check out more of my stuff in other places.

But if you really want to see my other Social Spot just go on over to my website: for Tout Vid's, Youtube and updates on projects of mines.


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I tend to constantly get random DA'er's hittin me up to see if I can help them get more noticed or aid them in spreading the word about a certain cause etc...

Now, I usually turn them down because it gets crazy with so many folks asking me to post information about certain needs and wants. Some I don't mind but others are a bit non important enough for me to call attention to.

So in order to aid in feeding the masses, I created this journal spot here so you guys can post whatever you need to spread the word about whatever you're doing on DeviantArt, from contests, to looking for help on anything or just even trying to promote your own DA gallery!

It's like an AD summit. Now I'll create a forum which you'll find on my front page so you guys can get into it more for discussions and so forth. Just scroll around the front of my page until you see the forums. Jump in, post your related links and keep it clean guys, there are kids lurking as well. Also you can post a comment in this journal to what you wanna push out for others to read up on.

Thanks and I hope this helps many of you to meet other wonderful new creators out there.

This is the best I can do for the masses, Thanks for reading :)


Pat Carlucci

Wed Mar 24, 2010, 11:59 AM
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:iconpatcarlucci: :iconpatcarlucci: :iconpatcarlucci: :iconpatcarlucci:


  If you didn't know who he was, that's okay. I'll tell you. I've known Pat for over 10 years. I first met Pat on Ebay back before 2000 as an artist like myself posting original pieces to sell. We hit it off talking back and forth through ebay's messages area and we later exchanged e-mails. We kicked it off instantly.

Talking comic books then artists then just learning cool stuff from each other. At the time Pat was mainly an inker just having some fun doing his art and making some side cash. He wanted to ink some stuff of mines so he ROCKED IT like only he could. I was floored with what he did but of course work life gets in the way so we really couldn't work on anything major together.

We stayed in contact with each other here and there but one day he got the idea to meet up. Him being in Maryland & me in Florida it wasn't going to be easy but the Orlando Mega-Con 2004 was when we decided to actually meet up and join forces to have a good ol' time! We made up some really bad copies of our works together as a combo artbook, lol. Looking back now it really was a horrible artbook. But we went out there. We sold some books and made some pretty cool memories! From photo's to video's it was a blast spending time with Carlucci.

Years pass, we do the whole net chat thing over AOL, Messenger all that stuff, we maintained close. He became one of my closest friends before I met up with the guys who are now apart of Onixan. He then became friends with them as well. Scotty Shoemaker who Pat and I both met at that 2004 Mega-Con, Kermit L. Gonzalez at that same show. Pat had a vision for his own stuff like all artist at one point have. To be successful at our craft. That man worked and breathed sketching! He drew things even I didn't know could be drawn. He had a funny mentality about things so he drew'em like so. He always had a plan and I always enjoyed hearing them. Smart guy and after so many years I did learn a lot from him and even looked up to him like an older brother.

We would speak for hours on end on the phone like 16 year olds, lol. He also made many artist friends as well online and kept in contact with as many as he could. Pat was a true friend indeed and I'll miss our crazy banter talk and we always made each other laugh. "A-Ba-Jeah!" That's one of his words, lol.

Hearing about Pat being sick was probably the biggest shock I had heard of in years while doing a local show. Wasn't the way I wanted to find out but Pat wasn't too big on telling everyone something so personal and I could understand. But knowing a friend was sick wasn't what I expected specially someone pretty close to me. It really did hurt hearing it. Trying to sum up someone's life in a journal isn't too easy when he's done so much I could write about but...

... I'm gonna miss ya big brother.

To Dawn (Pat's wife) my wife and I also send our prayers to you and your families.

Steven Sanchez

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F.A.Q.'s for Sanchez

Tue Aug 4, 2009, 5:42 AM
 photo SLOGOHD_zps57ecab2c.png

These are questions I tend to get noted on a lot, so duh, why not do an F.A.Q. and let everyone know what's up with me. I'll keep updating this as more questions get asked.

1) Can I Ink/Color your stuff and SELL IT?
Um...NO! There are buyers out there who don't appreciate that and you should respect their wishes. The buyer is given the only right to sell the actual original piece done by me. I do not authorize a reselling of another recreation over my piece(s).

2) Can I Ink/Color some of your pieces?
Sure! By all means, have fun! Post'em up as well and show the world what you can do over other artists works.  :)

3) Can I use your art for vehicle graphics?
The answer is pretty much the same as the tat question, read up ;)

4) Can I use your art for tattoos?
If you're doing a personal tat, that's just fine, (Putting it on your own body) but if you're asking about using the art for your personal portfolio for you to tattoo others then no. Either way permission is always best before using certain images from my works so I do ask that you ask me first to know which image is planned to be used.

Also, if after the tat is done please feel free to send me the photo's. I'd love to see them :)

5) Commissions, are you doing them?
Nope, sorry, my workloads are just too much and I'd like to keep my sanity for just a bit longer. This also includes covers as well. Sorry.

6) Do you do art trades?
Not really, although when my workload gets lighter it could be a possibility in the year 3029, but by then I think I'd might not be here anymore.

7) Can you look at my stuff and crit?
I can look at your stuff but I'm not big on doing crits because I'm not a big believer in doing that. If you like what you do and how you do it, why would you care what others perceive it to be? Now if you feel something is off and you need a second opinion then a second pair of eyes is needed, but overall, you can figure it out for yourself. Be confident!

8) Can you mentor me?
Nope! Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against mentor's but that's just the lazy way of learning, I believe one learns with growing pains as it makes you stronger mentally, I mean, when you get your emotions hurt because someone didn't like your piece, do you want your mentor to be comforting you? Not really, buck up, learn what you need to learn and keep pushing for what you want the way you want.

9) Can you color my stuff?
No! Me like so many others here on DA are jam packed with work and we just don't have that spare time, and when we do get a chance to breath we wanna relax, lol. Wouldn't you?

10) Do you do all your own work?
Yup, I pencil, Ink, Color in pretty much all mediums and on occasions I have other talented Mo-Fo's work on my stuff :)

11) Can you post up more tutorial vids?
Yes, more vids will be posted, as soon as I can get more time to devote to it.

12) Will you be having any art dvd's out soon?
I don't know about soon but I do plan on doing a small series of dvd's on tutorials from novice to advanced. Don't know when at the moment.

13) Do you have a Livestream session?
I have a Livestream account but nothing is up yet. I will be creating some live tutorials on there so ya'll can destroy me with questions :) But you'll know when journals are posted about that with time and

14) Can you draw my comic book?
LOL, I soooo get this question a whole lot. No, I cannot be drawing other books. I'm working in a production house of my own which I devote many of my hours to. Onixan Productions which many of you have heard about through me and the DA account that Onixan has as well. I don't ever plan on doing anyone's books so those questions can stop here. Sorry.

15) Do you do comic books/animations?
I'm a freelance artist so that's how I pay my bills. At times I do commercial work for comic book industry and animation. Commercial work pays way more than commissions so I gotta live.

16) Are you doing any conventions?
Here's another one I tend to get a lot. The ONLY con's I do are the Orlando Mega-Con's and The FX SHOW here in Florida. When I decided to leave the state, trust me, you'll know within my journal section!

17) How can I better my style? This one is a pretty common question I get a lot. It's a very simple answer too. SKETCH! Sketch often. Why Sketch? Well, it'll build your confidence and motivate you as you save your sketch works throughout time and see how far you've come. Trust me. Sketching is what makes any artist. It's that part of an artist where you just have that extra fun because it's not suppose to look great, rather it's for you to figure things out and once you like something you're bound to stick with it. That's what makes up your style ;) Trust in what I'm saying. Sketch!

If there are anymore questions you think I missed, please feel free to

jot them down and I'll post the relevant ones. Thanks!


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Sat Apr 19, 2008, 3:05 PM
 photo SLOGOHD_zps57ecab2c.png

:iconpertheseus: hit me up today with a really awesome link that just might help a lot of ya.

I suggest ya'll do a write up within your own journals to spread the word of this site so more of ya'll can learn how to draw and understand the anatomy better.


Best part is the timed sketching countdown, you can preset to what you see on their chart and begin sketching a blaze  ;) I suggest ya'll try this and get into understanding what makes a body tick  ;)

Thanks Luie for this really cool link!

:iconamberstoneart: just submitted an English link version, awesome link Thanks!


If you don't see any image pop up, make sure your firewall is turned off ;)


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