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Deadpool Circle Series

Deadpool pencils in Circle Series. Always have a "BLAST" drawing him ;)

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no, just kiddin'...
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As Deadpool would say.."Hey!! who's circle ths is? and who's hand i cut off for drawing me?"
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Beautiful job . Deadpool is the koolest .
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Dead pool iz in athe hiz ouse
amn , i loe it i am a huge deadpoll fan ...but i dont like otp draw it :)
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Freaking AWESOME.
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He looks too serious, but I still love it. Awesome job!!
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my sons favorite!
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Epic WIN!!!! :headbang:

Another great with one of my favs San ;)
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One of the best characters, for me. Awesome drawing.
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Hey kids! It's Deadpool!

sorry couldn't resist I love deadpool
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Yes. Yes. YES. :iconbisonplz:

I'd buy this if I had a paypal.
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deadpool looks bad ass.....hmmmm why is he named deadpool anyway?
A dead pool, also known as a death pool, death watch, dead cert or ghoul pool, is a game of prediction which involves guessing when someone will die

At least thats what Wikipedia says
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