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My current show list for the rest of 2017:

Sinister Creature Con 
June 10- 11, 2017 
Stockton, CA

October 20-21

Famous Monsters Halloween
Bash 2017
October 27-29
San Jose, CA 

Looking to add more dates soon.

My newest book of drawings. Is now up on Kickstarter.

Help make it happen. Thanks so much.
The last day to back it. Ends at 6pm tonight.

I talk with Peter Mohrbacher of "One Fantastic Week" About my new book on Kickstarter "Little Black Book" 

It's 96% funded, So if you'd like to be the person that pushes it to 100%, Do it and let me know. I'll try to reward your effort in some way.…

Just wanted to take a minute to share my Kickstarter with you. I don't like spamming people with this type of stuff, but you gotta ask to receive. Any help would be great. $1 to $10,000 and everywhere in between are all appreciated. A share on your social media of choice is also a big help.…

Thanks so much,