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Ref: Crisp the Coycoon by StevenRoy Ref: Crisp the Coycoon by StevenRoy
This is a character I recently adopted from Mochimink on FA several months ago because it was cute and the price was right and I just couldn't resist!

So now, I've collected all her art of the character, made a few minor tweaks to the design, decided on "official" colors, jammed it all together and ta-da: A new and improved reference of "Crisp" the cookie-loving coycoon!

Some character facts:
- Gender is deliberately ambiguous. This cutie is either a flat-chested female or a feminine-figured male, and is toony enough for there to be absolutely no difference or distinction between the two... Except, maybe, in situations where it really matters, in which case Crisp can be either! The flexibility of toons, am I right?
- Although Crisp has a very, very strong preference for cookies, he can actually eat pretty much anything, even literal garbage if he gets hungry enough. (Cookies and other cookie-like sweets are the only thing he can taste, though.)
- Despite his love for cookies, he is a very inept baker. Whenever he tries to make his own cookies, the result is always... unpleasant. So don't let him anywhere near the oven or any baking supplies!
- He doesn't talk in words. Instead, he mainly uses coyote yips and howls, raccoon trills and chirps, mustelid-like barks ("Dook! Dook!"), and, for some reason, he can also purr like a cat, roar like a lion, and laugh like a hyena when something's funny enough.
- Does he enjoy alcohol? Not especially. Does alcohol affect him? Comical hiccups galore!
- Like other toony coyotes, Crisp can be quite a misfortune magnet at times. Allowing him anywhere near banana peels, mousetraps, glass, ladders, paint cans, Priceless Ming Vases™, or heavy objects in high places, is just asking for trouble!
- More details here if I think of any.

Thanks again for the character, Mochi! I promise to take good care of him and keep him in just the right amount of trouble!

(By the way, I should probably apologize to the folks who have been waiting patiently for me to make any progress on my upcoming fursona ref - because this isn't it. This is kind-of a warmup for that, though; an excuse to practice a bit with reference sheet layout and get myself more into a reference-making mode.)
DeckardCanine Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So you got a Krazy Kat.
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December 21, 2017
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