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The Art of Destruction
Destruction is art
of the highest caliber
there's nothing like a burning pile
of collapsed building
Car crashes splay their sculptures
in twisted patterns
and every time I see it
My heart swells in joy
Every one knows the feeling
you've all seen it
Hollywood would be out of business
if you didn't enjoy it
Pain is the same way
the heightened awareness
spurns the brain to action
and keeps you awake
A world with tragedy makes everything
more interesting
So today, I want you to create
go make something beautiful
Go destroy
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Leggings by stevenpinhead Leggings :iconstevenpinhead:stevenpinhead 1 7
As you drop to your knees, ask yourself
Does it really help? Does that cross around your neck
feel a little more like a noose each day?
Do those PUSH bands seem more like shackles?
Cast off these chains
Your gods and your governments
Open your mind to the world around you
find your divinity in that
Others may tell you I'm a monster
But I used to be one of them
And I was only happy
once I stopped believing
Deceit is ugly, especially when it's self
Fooling yourself will only work
for a short time
I know because it happened to me
Realize the power of the self
Don't feel guilty for your actions
Go against everything
you've ever been told
Won't you join me?
I care without hope for reward
or fear of punishment
I'm real
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Legs by stevenpinhead Legs :iconstevenpinhead:stevenpinhead 1 0
Crumbling Empire
What's the time? Who knows?
We all had lost track
Ever since the day, when the amphetamine glass
showered like crystal rain
from the top of the colossus
where the lightning struck
The paranoid twitch of th crowd ebbs on
their water poisoned with the sweat of your greed
A pulsating, hypnotized reflex,
more then a conscious thought
Yet at the top they know it little
for their tolerance to it has been made hard as rock
For what do they care?
This epidemic belongs not to they,
who do not know its caress
But the mighty suffer a mighty fall
and that time may not be
as far off as it may seem
Let's be stark and harsh
the opium spewing from the smoke stacks
will not conceal our fate
it never has
it never will
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Quite an Experience
An experience with a person who told
me,” you're not as good
as I.”
Hiding behind her cop outs of tradition and religion.
Though those were not her exact words, but
this is how they sounded
and she can't even
What makes you so
to say what
I should be able to do?
What we should be able to do?
You spread your filth and lies
using the anonymity of the internet
to your advantage.
Families? That's not
all it's for.
health insurance
You claim I'm uneducated?
I know who I am,
what I am,
where I'm going,
what I wanna do.
You've all become the oppressors.
Your social power
should be destroyed.
You haven't effected me
in any adverse way,
I won't let you.
I am this,
that's my right,
so fuck your institutions.
We all have our
own minds on the subject,
but you hold
yours in the highest
But I have to forgive you. Otherwise I'm no better than you.
:iconstevenpinhead:stevenpinhead 2 8
Breathe while it's still clean,
your mind has gone to bed with your heart
and now you're beginning to sink. It's such
a lovely thing to be alive
You're just like a snow flake
that's melted and joined the other drops of water
in the
You know I never claimed to be
different from
the rest of them, I just said I'm not
one to judge the others.
explicit thoughts occurring, now
censored for your viewing displeasure its
not your body so
why should you care what I want to do with it
Finally an ending that's real
none of this downer or happy bull crap
If there is an end, it's neutral and equal
cause the end is death,and beyond that who the fuck knows?
:iconstevenpinhead:stevenpinhead 1 1
I. The End of You
The earth looks green from space,
and now it's going to turn red.
With all its
The truth is
you were never
clean, and now your mask
has melted away.
Don't ask me where to go,
my answer will be the same as it ever was
We fought your battles,
and we'll watch you die
You'll never get to see
the ends of what
you've done.
There's a beginning
in the end, and now
the end has come to pass.
A voice unheard will shout out now
and its tone is scarred and beat
We fought your battles,
and we'll watch you die
You'll never get to see
the ends of what
you've done.
Your ship is sunk in a sea of blood
and the floor is cold. Now you'll
drown in your own waste.
Make your peace now because
your hell will drag you
We fought your battles,
and we'll watch you die
You'll never get to see
the ends of what
you've done.
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Waiting at the office by stevenpinhead Waiting at the office :iconstevenpinhead:stevenpinhead 0 7
Something blank and grand
Something misunderstood
Something rotten and clean
Something gone to dust
Something raised up high
sticking to our hearts
Something burning down
as we beg for more
There's a crowd in the square
But there's no people
There are bodies all around
But no one left to hear
A sunrise like a gunshot
Shines down on the road
Scars our eyes like acid
Heals our hearts like heroin
Our hopes turn to ash
Our heads turn to dust
All we ever loved
Never could save us
The scene shifts and we
take off our masks
The audience applauds
Our tragedy
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Yo by stevenpinhead Yo :iconstevenpinhead:stevenpinhead 0 7
I'll hold my breath in tight
a little glimmer glows in my eyes
Sighing out now in delight
plead you bring me my own demise
Hurt me now, I'll take it full
Strike me hard
As my eyes begin to lull
Take me in your graceful regard
The blinding light
Cracks open the sky
I'm now without a hint of fright
Bring me to this high
Falling down this wonderful hole
Passion flecked on the lash
Bare before you my immortal soul
Run your tongue down the gash
My lover, my world in all sight
Make me sigh in pained delight
:iconstevenpinhead:stevenpinhead 1 7
Why so obligatory? by stevenpinhead Why so obligatory? :iconstevenpinhead:stevenpinhead 0 95 Another skirt shot by stevenpinhead Another skirt shot :iconstevenpinhead:stevenpinhead 0 50
Black Window
Swirling images pass
through a fire blackened window
liquid hot blank
Addled and torn
the hero lies
staring at the stars alight
in his mind
could be
the final mark
in a blood stained trend
Flowing out like
starlit night terrors
cooling now
the window is clear
these thoughts stream
to the end of the flat world
What I am inside
what I am outside
Shame followed by pride
Results to vary
Why must what I think
be dashed aside
by something
so trivial
as what falls between my legs?
I wanna carve out
the screaming faces
of this rotten
I want to cry when
I think these things
one more
Better now
what is this?
Scrawled out in fervor
I am happy
I am varied
All this is me
:iconstevenpinhead:stevenpinhead 1 3
I stare at the lights forming in the fog above me
Thickened air squeezing my veins
in bleeding
noises in the distance
beckon me to fall
fall away
       would you come
  and fall
Staring at the sky one last time
Am I still blind
          Am I
:iconstevenpinhead:stevenpinhead 2 4

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