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All right, gang. Here it is.
A brawny new website.
Video: XenoLab: AMAZON ARROW
Video: XenoLab: HALO
Video: Girls Vs Cthulhu EPISODE 2
Not too much to say at this moment, other than that.
I'm firing all the bullets in my gun -- I hope you'll give the new site, my newest pride and joy, a little look-see.
Many people contributed much to get us to this moment, Number #1 among them the lovely and talented :iconamazonarrow: who not only brings her character to the site, she only brings mad editing skills and an abundance of creativity to the party. Cannot thank her enough, or give her enough credit.
The site is BRAND-NEW. Please forgive any opening day hiccups, but do feel free to let me know about them, here or in a NOTE.
Also, please have patience with the back-end sales mechanism, if you've never shopped at SHG-Media before. It will ask you to create a log-in before purchase. This is ENTIRELY an anti-piracy stratagem, and piracy is brutal in the online video business right now.
So. Please. Enjoy.
steve noir
Aletessa Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
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