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My Journal has a little catching up to do.
So let me just knock some things off the list...
FEARGIRL.COM updated last month, with new Artwork and Stories (by DA'ers) and two new VIDEOS:

FEARGIRL: TARGETS 2 features FearGirl CYANNA and the Targets Girls.
Previewed HERE:…
Video Page HERE:…

ELLE MAXX: Taught A Lesson features the lovely 'L' looking very good as things look really bad for her...
Previewed HERE:…
Video Page HERE:…

I hope you'll give those a look.
I am structuring my shoots in a new way, hoping to be both more productive and less stressed. (We'll see.) I blocked out a week at my studio, and I have CYANNA and New Model/Actress PERSEPHONE coming in for 2 days, and SELENE coming in for 1 day.
CYANNA and PERSEPHONE are available THIS MONTH, together and separately, to shoot Custom Scenes ($250) and full videos (starting at $1500).
SELENE and a FEMALE ANTAGONIST are available THIS MONTH, along with what Amazon Arrow creator :iconamazonarrow: calls "Bitch Trainer" technology - basically Barbarella-type sexual overload devices - to shoot Custom Scenes ($250) and full videos (starting at $1500) starring either Amazon Arrow or Selene's Panopticon character "O".

And in April, look for a new GIRLSvsCTHULHU.COM update, with new videos, new artwork, and a mixed-media BLACK WATCH 'case file'!
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