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Hey DA;
First, a little NEWS.
AMAZON ARROW vs CTHULHU is shot, and is currently being edited by the masterful :iconamazonarrow:  The shoot went well, and I expect the edit to proceed smoothly for a couple of weeks. (It IS a complex project.)
And I just released a new video, definitely a personal favorite - FEARGIRL: ELLE MAXX…  Featuring the lovely "L" from JEAN RAY VS HELLBENDER.
Here is the description from the FEARGIRL.COM video entry:
FEARGIRL (Cyanna) wakes to find herself with a mysterious new ally, the beautiful young Elite ELLE MAXX ("L"). Elle is just doing what Elle does, looking for trouble, sticking her nose where it doesn't belong, snooping in the Panopticon, seemingly always in danger but somehow protected by her status, her charm, and a little luck.
In this particular outing, Elle will be choked out, chloroformed, stripped, fondled, and drugged, and yet somehow emerge without a scratch.
FearGirl will not be so lucky. She never is.
FEARGIRL: ELLE MAXX features Heavy KO Content; multiple choke-outs, a chloroforming, a pass out, a shock-prod KO, and a final injection in a bare bottom. Also features Heavy Rough Groping, Partial Stripping, and Partial Nudity. 33 min
PREVIEW here, at…
And finally, as has been mentioned several places, I am offering Custom Scenes ($250) and Custom Videos (starting at $1500) with the lovely "L" as Elle Maxx THE FIRST WEEK JN JUNE.
So email me at if you're intrigued by the possibilities. Or message me here at DA.
steve noir 
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