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Hey, DA.
I have not posted here (or anywhere) in A WHILE, but that is about to change.
So, I wanted to touch base, and do a little drumroll.
I have not been idle, or out of the business, or anything like that. I HAVE had a few challenges that I had to figure out how to work through, and one of the bite-the-bullet decisions I made was not to release or post anything until at least some of those challenges were met.
Some of them have been, and others will be within the next week.
Anyone who's been to any of my sites recently has noticed a lot of trailers suddenly disappeared. (Thank you, Vimeo. They dinged me for "terms of service" violations - read that as Content Issues - and pulled everything I had with them down.) Oh well.
Those trailers are gradually being re-located elsewhere; that process is slow, and ongoing.
So, the drumroll part...
I am about to release 3 new videos, two of them in collaboration with the talented and lovely :iconamazonarrow: .
The videos XENOLAB: HALO and XENOLAB: AMAZON ARROW, our project that began life as "Amazon Arrow Vs Cthulhu" or "AA Vs The Alien Facehuggers", are finished and will go on-sale next week!
Also on sale next week will be Episode 2 of the Girls Vs Cthulhu series.
And all this will happen on a bright and shiny NEW website.
I am prepping the GvC website for a particular special event in my local area, the HP Lovecraft Film Festival of Portland Oregon.
And to that end I collaborated with the equally talented and lovely :iconjackcrowder: on an old school 'Lobby Card' that I will be bombing the HPL FF venues with, and I will share our design here on DA as soon as I finish this Journal.
So. Expect a lot more activity around these parts for the next few weeks.
Thanks as always for the support and community, DA.
I literally couldn't do it without you.
steve noir
Hey DA;
First, a little NEWS.
AMAZON ARROW vs CTHULHU is shot, and is currently being edited by the masterful :iconamazonarrow:  The shoot went well, and I expect the edit to proceed smoothly for a couple of weeks. (It IS a complex project.)
And I just released a new video, definitely a personal favorite - FEARGIRL: ELLE MAXX…  Featuring the lovely "L" from JEAN RAY VS HELLBENDER.
Here is the description from the FEARGIRL.COM video entry:
FEARGIRL (Cyanna) wakes to find herself with a mysterious new ally, the beautiful young Elite ELLE MAXX ("L"). Elle is just doing what Elle does, looking for trouble, sticking her nose where it doesn't belong, snooping in the Panopticon, seemingly always in danger but somehow protected by her status, her charm, and a little luck.
In this particular outing, Elle will be choked out, chloroformed, stripped, fondled, and drugged, and yet somehow emerge without a scratch.
FearGirl will not be so lucky. She never is.
FEARGIRL: ELLE MAXX features Heavy KO Content; multiple choke-outs, a chloroforming, a pass out, a shock-prod KO, and a final injection in a bare bottom. Also features Heavy Rough Groping, Partial Stripping, and Partial Nudity. 33 min
PREVIEW here, at…
And finally, as has been mentioned several places, I am offering Custom Scenes ($250) and Custom Videos (starting at $1500) with the lovely "L" as Elle Maxx THE FIRST WEEK JN JUNE.
So email me at if you're intrigued by the possibilities. Or message me here at DA.
steve noir 
Hey gang. So I did a big project a year or so ago with :iconamazonarrow: (you might remember it)... It was called FEARGIRL: MEET AMAZON ARROW… , and it was set in FearGirl's virtual peril arena, The Panopticon.
It went well, and we enjoyed the collaboration, so this year we're trying something different.
Amazon Arrow is going to appear on my newer web project, GIRLS VS CTHULHU .
The video will be called AMAZON ARROW VS CTHULHU, and all I know right now is that it will be the lovely SELENE DRAKE once again playing the heroine, and she will be going up against xenomorphic face-hugger/chest-hugger/belly-hugger/crotch-hugger creatures that were being genetically-engineered by the drone servants of Cthulhu until something went terribly wrong... Now the laboratory is abandoned, with its sleeping specimens, waiting for someone to wake them!
We are going to do a limited number of Custom Scenes within this scenario, at $250 per scene.

If you're interested, or you'd like to know more, email me at, or contact me at here at DA. I'd love to hear your idea.
Hey, DA.
I am TRYING to be a little more productive this year, and that starts by trying to put things for sale a little more often, and building my support network. Well, with both those goals in mind, I am releasing the latest bit of FearGirl intrigue and hotness at my store… at

In FEARGIRL: EXPERIMENTS… , FearGirl (Cyanna) wakes apparently in the midst of a series of sleep and drug experiments conducted by a sexy but not very sympathetic techician (XLCR MOON). The good news is that FearGirl cannot remember any of the previous experiments. The bad news is that the experiments are not over…

FearGirl is chloroformed, gassed, injected, stripped and groped. Heavy sleepy content, heavy girl/girl stimulation and arousal. A longer than usual video, 42 min, and a very sexy performance from FearGirl Cyanna.

Thanks as always for the support and community!
steve noir
Hey DA;

Time for a new update, which includes some new character artwork by DA veteran :iconmizaeltengu:…, a new website feature (The Panopticon Searchlight)… and a new FearGirl video, HALO: DESTROYED

As the lovely NIXI returns to play the lovely HALO, it seemed the perfect time to highlight HALO with the first Panopticon Searchlight, a feature which draws your attention to (and contains links to) all the appearances of a particular character, in stories, comics, videos and artworks. HALO Searchlight…

The new video HALO: DESTROYED features beautiful Halo already caught in the nanoplasm clutches of a CLOAKER as the story begins.

Inside the shadowy virtual void of the Cloaker, Halo meets The Demoness Program, a lusty and murderous AI that informs her that a "toll" is the price of escaping a Cloaker -- namely, a portion of your life force. Halo struggles in vain against the Demoness Program, who snaps her neck, smothers her, bearhugs her (twice), and mind-controls her to smother herself, each time ragdolling and groping the limp heroine before re-spawning her to torment her again. Finally worn down, Halo finally agrees to pay the "toll", which turns out to be a sensuous virtual Kiss Of Death. This video features heavy groping of crotch and breasts, heavy ragdolling content, heavy limp/sleepy content, and multiple virtual 'deaths'...
Big Preview at…

Enjoy. And please check out all the videos, stories, comics, and artworks that has to offer!

As always, thanks so much for the community and support.
steve noir
Hey, DA.
I have been busy...
A couple of debut videos are now available.
One is the "X-Men"-like story of JEAN RAY vs HELLBENDER, and might bear a passing resemblance to a scene in the First X-Men movie, between Jean Gray and Toad. It is also the screen debut of a new noir actress I'm calling "L".
The other is the FIRST VIDEO I EVER SHOT with the current FearGirl, Cyanna, and I shot it basically as her screen test. It is a DOMINATION video, plain and simple, as the cruel and sexy CONTROLLER (played by Dolly Vicious) comes to her private playroom only to find that she has been left a gift -- the drugged, bound FearGirl Cyanna. So, here is FEARGIRL: CONTROLLER...…
Both are smaller videos, and VERY REASONABLY PRICED.
I hope you will check them out!
steve noir
Hey, DA.
Just posted a update with 2 NEW VIDEO RELEASES.
FEARGIRL: ALONG CAME AN ARROW  The FearGirl/Amazon Arrow proof-of-concept video, until now only available as a perk for IndieGoGo supporters, is now on sale.…
HALO: THE SACRIFICE  A brand new, moody, sleepy-themed FearGirl episode, starring guest French actress ELISA (REVENGE: TRAINING DAY) as HALO, is now on sale.…

FEARGIRL: ALONG CAME AN ARROW features FearGirl CYANNA, her popular nemesis SPIDER, and the debut of SELENE as Amazon Arrow in a sexy leather-mini-skirted non-canon costume. I produced this piece to promote my FEARGIRL: MEET AMAZON ARROW IndieGoGo campaign, and my partner in the venture :iconamazonarrow: herself, beautifully and creatively edited the video. It features a FULLY NUDE FearGirl, drowsy from Spider's paralytic 'string', COCOONED FROM HEAD TO TOE and sensuously struggling as she is groped and stimulated by a hazmat-suited attendant NIXI. When Amazon Arrow arrives on the scene, she dispatches the attendant with an arrow, only to be stalked, grabbed, groped, and smothered unconscious by the villainous cyborg SPIDER.
HALO: THE SACRIFICE features French beauty ELISA as Halo, and Halo finds herself in a world of trouble when she stumbles across a sealed chamber with what appears to be a body under a sheet, the air suffused with anesthetic gas as a security measure. Halo is discovered by the chamber's gasmasked attendant, choked unconscious, and the next thing she knows, she has taken the place of whoever, or whatever, was under the sheet. This episode features extended sleepy/ragdoll sequences, an always-groggy heroine, 2 chokeouts, a gas KO, and finally HALO STRIPPED AND WRAPPED IN PLASTIC, as she is prepared to be experimentally sacrificed...

ALSO IN THIS UPDATE: An unfortunately unfinished FearGirl comic by the masterful :iconbordon: his part of an art trade that just never quite materialized, still it is a cool and sexy addition to the Comics collection. Portraying a forcible-bondage confrontation between FearGirl and the sleek GLADE, it is also A GREAT IDEA FOR A VIDEO!…

Check it all out! Let me know what you think!

steve noir
Hey, DA.
It has been a while since my last confession.
So, there's news!
GIRLSvsCTHULHU.COM is my newest web-project, and with it come TWO NEW VIDEOS and two continuing video series.
GIRLS VS CTHULHU Intro Episode 1:  The introduction and opening salvo of my adventures of THE BLACK WATCH, an all-female (naturally) Torchwood-like organization dedicated to the tracking and defense against the incomprehensible, deathless "Ancient Ones" of Lovecraftian Horror.
RESIDENT VIRUS 4: CTHULHU   The RESIDENT VIRUS Series, my very first (and still one of my very favorite) video series returns, with NIXI once again playing Jen Valentine on an ill-fated but very sexy venture into the Outbreak Zone. This one breaks the mold by featuring REAL G/G MIND-CONTROL SEX, a LOT of it, as Jen is mesmerized, controlled, and basically f**ked into oblivion as her identity is drained out of her, into the Void.
Previewed HERE at…

As with FEARGIRL.COM is the starter kit for Fan Submissions, Collaborations, and Commissions to both the RESIDENT VIRUS Series and the Adventures of The BLACK WATCH.

The page itself is Brand New, but the RESIDENT VIRUS Series already consists of FOUR VIDEOS, and the GirlsVsCthulhu/BLACK WATCH Series has multiple hours of filmed material (previewed on the Site) that will constitute multiple Episode Releases in the near future.

So take a look. Enjoy.

steve noir
Hey DA;
Long time no viddy, droogs!
No excuses, just been hamster-wheeling away, to various result. But here is my favorite result so far:
This is the big DA-nurtured collab with :iconamazonarrow: crowd-funded through Indiegogo (and a HUGE THANK YOU to all who supported the project!) in which her heroic and hot archer meets my continually-imperiled meta-damsel in the weird dream-logical confines of the Panopticon labyrinth.
60 minutes of hot beautiful girl (SELENE) on beautiful girl (CYANNA) action, with clones, mistaken identities, chloro, peril via arrows, and the fan-favorite cyborg SPIDER, this is the biggest FearGirl production yet, and really expands the scope of what a FearGirl episode can do.
And there's a BRAND NEW FEARGIRL WEBSITE hosting it as well, so please check out the rest of the surroundings if you go see the video!
Thanks so much to DeviantArt and the ever-supportive DA community - literally couldn't have done it without you.
steve noir
Happy holidays to all;
Steve Noir's elves have been busy. There is a new video to preview, and a new webpage to check out. The video is a pre-Amazon Arrow custom -- rest assured that I will take nothing new on until FEARGIRL: MEET AMAZON ARROW and all its perks are released to all our faithful donors. AND THAT WILL BE SOON! The edit is complete. :iconamazonarrow: and I are finishing up the sound and visual effects as I type. Please know that we appreciate your belief in us and patience more than we can express.
The new web page is FETISH NOIR VIDEO a Preview and Promo site for both NEW and PREVIOUSLY RELEASED steve noir videos that don't have a preview site of their own. This page will be regularly updated with works that just don't quite fit the mission of my other video stores and sites, and there are QUITE A FEW OF THOSE to get to.

The new video is THE AMAZON: RESTLESS SLEEP. Here is the description from Fetish Noir Video:

The young Amazon princess (OLIVE aka ARIELLE) doesn't realize that her weakness to chloroform is known to the Nazi scientists that she's battling. So she steps right into a trap set just for her... Very heavy chloroform fetish content; gas trap KO, long extended Fausta-style chloro scene with heavy groping of breasts and crotch and forced orgasm, long forced orgasm with gas mask and electro-stimulation, PLUS a forced-oral electro KO.
Previewed at…

If this sounds like your idea of a good time, well -- You're Welcome! Merry Christmas!

steve noir

Hey DA!
About to go into production on FEARGIRL: MEET AMAZON ARROW - and thanks to all of you who supported the IndieGoGo campaign(!) - so I thought I would tide you over with a little GIRL X, "O", ASHLEY LANE, and THE PANOPTICON while you wait...
This will be short and sweet -- I've got a few extra plates spinning these days - but I think the IMAGES and the TRAILER will speak for themselves.
Back to work for me -- FEARGIRL: MEET AMAZON ARROW shoots Next Week!
I will keep you posted.
steve noir
Hey, DA.
First of all, much apologies for not being more out-front of the FEARGIRL: MEET AMAZON ARROW IndieGoGo campaign:…
which is going to go down in the books as the single most exciting and validating experience for FEARGIRL.COM  and the denizens of The Panopticon since I launched the site 3 years ago.
We are, as I type, at $4115, or 257% of our (admittedly modest) initial goal.
Pretty cool.
All credit for this goes to :iconamazonarrow: for dreaming up the idea AND spearheading the campaign, along with my creative and technical associate Timothy Allen, and the two persuasively-beautiful lead actresses of the project, CYANNA and SELENE DRAKE.
You can read :iconrob66: 's Interviews with CYANNA and SELENE

Mature Content

and here:

Mature Content

The various GOALS and PERKS for the campaign speak for themselves, I think.
If you have ever been on the fence about commissioning a FEARGIRL CUSTOM VIDEO:  the IndieGoGo campaign gives you the opportunity to commission a "Custom Scene" within the larger project for a donation of $250 (3 minutes) OR, if you want to double down, you can request 2 Custom Scenes or a 6 minute Custom Scene with your donation of $500 or more.
The best part of this option is that you get an INEXPENSIVE Custom Video WITH ALL THE PRODUCTION VALUE of the entire project!
That's all I got.
Back to work, finishing up a FEARGIRL: GIRL X video with ASHLEY LANE:…  and on to a FEARGIRL: HALO video with a brand new FRENCH ACTRESS playing beautiful Halo.
Take care, all!
Thanks for 5 years of SUPPORT, FRIENDSHIP & COLLABORATION here on DeviantArt.
(And we're less than $900 away from a FEARGIRL: MEET AMAZON ARROW Trilogy! Do The Right Thing!)
steve noir
Hey, DA. So :iconamazonarrow: has been doing the heavy lifting on publicizing this project so far, but finally it is ready for somebody to look at it besides me, the noir team, and Chryseis.
So, here it is:…
I will let the campaign, my photo-posts, and FEARGIRL.COM speak for themselves, but the short version is:
First crowd-funding project (but not the last) from steve noir and FEARGIRL.COM
First collaboration (but certainly not the last) with the talented and lovely :iconamazonarrow:
First 'crossover character' (but hopefully not the last) from another creator to enter The Panopticon!

Introducing FearGirl CYANNA
The New Face of FEARGIRL.COM
As FearGirl moves slowly into a sort of Version 2.0, I am pleased to announce that the always-imperiled heroine has a model/actress committed to the character and the project, who will be playing FG on the regular for the foreseeable future.
(In response to one fan's question about the possibility of seeing the lovely Pepper Kester again: FearGirl is entirely collaboration-driven, and I am leaving the door open for red-headed guest stars. HOWEVER, I would like to retire the "Red Wigs" as far as FearGirl goes...)
Preview & Purchase HERE:…

I'll say it again. I don't know where I'd be without the support and community of DeviantArt. Luckily, I don't need to figure that out. Thanks for FIVE GOOD YEARS. The best is yet to come...
steve noir
Hey, DA. is UPDATED, with a NEW VIDEO, along with new works by :iconamazonarrow:  :iconplasma-dragon: and :iconreacherfan: !
And a new 'billboard'-style Home Page image put together by Head Designer :icondmfo:
The new video is FEARGIRL: DOUBLE.

FEARGIRL: DOUBLE FearGirl NIXI wakes in a room that looks ominously like O's 'pleasure chamber', and lying next to her is a red-haired beauty (FearGirl ANOMIE) who looks ominously like herself. The two FearGirls struggle, and FearGirl Nixi is choked out and bound. As a confused FearGirl Anomie considers her next move, the cruel-but-playful "O" arrives (SELENE DRAKE), KO'ing both FearGirls with her shock prod, binding them in obviously vulnerable positions, and having her wicked way with them. And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse/better, the Minotaur appears, KO'ing O, binding her to one of her own contraptions, and activating his new toy, a sexually-invasive robotic arthropod, the SentriPede! You get the picture. This video focuses on forced pleasure and KO's, and both FearGirls and O suffer their fair share of indignities. It is all kinds of sexy, IF you like this sort of thing...
:iconreacherfan: contributes the story "Getting To The Point" :…  You will also see :iconamazonarrow: 's comic, already posted here on DA, there.
And :iconplasma-dragon: contributed THIS sexy bit of peril technology design:…
Please enjoy it all - and LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!
steve noir

Hey again, DA.
I am currently putting together the next FEARGIRL.COM site update, and the task got me thinking about all the versions and incarnations of FearGirl that have already been generated by the project, and all the interesting imaginations that have contributed to the vision and meta-narrative of The Panopticon.
I am not sure exactly when the site update will post, but I thought that I would mark the time by posting One Image of FearGirl a Day until then, captioning each image with some acknowledgement of the collaborator(s) involved.
I have accumulated so many images that I like, done in collaboration with so many people that I like and would love to shout out to, that it seems like a nice way to invite new viewers to the site as well as sharing with current DA friends and FearGirl fans.
Also, it looks as though I'll be doing a joint IndieGoGo campaign with :iconamazonarrow: in the near future to try and fund a video version of the Amazon Arrow 'crossover' adventure that Chrys Kent just created her on DA. So please let me know what you think!
steve noir
So, I thought the next time I'd be talking about ASHLEY LANE, it would be to announce her first role as GIRL X on
But, as it turns out, she and SELENE DRAKE have jumped the queue with 2 new REVENGE: SPYGIRLS videos, the self-explanatorily-titled "Rookie Beatdown" and the spicy aftermath "Enemy Mine"...
REVENGE: SPYGIRLS Rookie Beatdown is available, along with the first 3 videos in the series, at my store HERE:…
REVENGE: SPYGIRLS Enemy Mine is available at my store at Clips4Sale,
(I can't post a direct link to Clips4Sale, sorry.)
Here is the description of "Rookie Beatdown":
The Spygirls turf war continues in REVENGE: SPYGIRLS Rookie Beatdown, and Agent Selene Drake, who ended up on the wrong end of a butt-kicking in the last 2 Spygirls outings, puts the bitch back in payback here. And catching hell this time is rookie field agent Ashley Lane, who finds herself trapped in a cellar interrogation room on her first big assignment. And it doesn't look like she'll be leaving that cellar anytime soon...
Initially, Ashley gets the drop on Selene, knocking her unconscious and starting to drag her toward an ominous door in the floor. But Selene has backup, and Agent Ashley endures a 20-minute demolition, steve noir-style. Belly destruction is the primary focus, but there is also a ration of grief handed out with a Maglite on Ashley's head, face, and below the belt, and this video does feature some cuts and bruising.
And here is the description of "Enemy Mine":
REVENGE: SPYGIRLS Enemy Mine is a short, spicy addition to the story, found exclusively at my Clips4Sale store,  Here, as you might imagine, Agent Selene gets all up in defeated Agent Ashley's business, teasing, kissing, and groping her defenseless young enemy until it is time to choke her out...
More FearGirl news soon!
So :iconamazonarrow: has been posting a very cool Amazon Arrow/FearGirl illustrated story:

Mature Content

Amazon Arrow in The Panopticon  | Page 01 by amazonarrow
 while brainstorming with me about a possible video. Chryseis has really done the homework required to bring a cross-over character into the unique environment of The Panopticon.
I am going to post the illustrated story to, but I am also really interested in the idea of a video.
Read the story! Look at the images! Let us both know what you think!
Hey, DA.
There's a New VIDEO, a New GIRL X, the First FEARGIRL COMIC, and New CHARACTER ARTWORK at
First, the VIDEO.…
To quote myself,
"FearGirl wakes in an unfinished, seemingly abandoned sector of The Panopticon. There she meets HALO, who seems to know her - though FearGirl, of course, has no memory of her. HALO tells her they are deep within the lair of SPIDER - half predator, half art project, a cyborg of superior strength, mobility and stealth, one of the many 'experiments' that stalk the labyrinth - and that they must find their way out together. Needless to say, that plan doesn't go so well, and in the end, the two girls find only grisly violence and their own deaths... FEARGIRL: LAIR OF SPIDER is 27 min of stalking, knife violence, flechette (dart) gun violence, strangulation, partial nudity, and hot girl-on-FearGirl action. A unique cocktail of sensations, more like a giallo than anything else on the FearGirl site."
LAIR OF SPIDER has, among other things, the most complex action sequence I've ever done. I love Nixi's performance as HALO, and I love the new nemesis SPIDER. I know we'll be seeing more of Spider -- soon.
We've also got FEARGIRL: RUDE AWAKENING, the First FearGirl COMIC, courtesy of the visionary :icondmfo:
See It HERE:…
Very proud of this. More comics to come!
We have NEW CHARACTER ARTWORK, thanks to the uniquely creative :iconjackcrowder:
See his beautiful interpretations of GLADE, NUL and SPIDER here:…
and on the CHARACTERS page as well.
Finally, the beautiful ASHLEY LANE has signed on to be the next iteration of GIRL X. She was kind enough to take photos of herself in the costume from a hotel room on her current roadtrip! See them HERE:…
That is all for now. But I think that's plenty.
Thanks, as always, for the support, collaboration, and friendships.
steve noir
All right, DA. I know I've been talking about this FEARGIRL.COM update for awhile, but...
FINALLY it is up.
And I am darn proud of it.
There are art contributions from multiple DA'ers, including :iconcreativore:  :iconalexi-c: :iconx-commissions: and :iconbahow: ...
The existing FearGirl portfolio by :icondmfo: who has been one of the absolute visionaries of the site, has been fattened with some new conceptuals and promo pieces, including WIP work for his upcoming FearGirl comic!
And there's a new portfolio of work by :iconbordon: who clearly is going to become one of the visionaries of the site -- also including WIP work for HIS upcoming FearGirl comic!
There's a new "CHARACTERS" page now…  which provides thumbnail descriptions of all the major characters that have appeared in videos OR text stories, along with images from those character's appearances.
Finally, there are a selection of portfolio photos of my newest FearGirl model/actress CYANNA at the top of the updated ART & PHOTOS page:…

Here's the description from the website:

FEARGIRL: GIRL X — The mysterious Girl X has seemingly appeared from nowhere, hellbent on bringing down The Panopticon – and the war begins now. In the living forest beneath the false-sky dome, Girl X takes out a series of The Panopticon’s beautiful but inexperienced clone sentries, using an HOM/choke combination, a knife-hand strike and neck-snap, and a sentry’s own stun weapon.But The Panopticon sends more powerful adversaries against her, and it isn’t long before the silent GLADE and the brutal NUL have beaten, electro-whipped, and subdued Girl X.She wakens in a basement interrogation chamber. But this is no interrogation. GLADE and NUL are only concerned with breaking her, body and spirit.

This video features Sentry Disposal x 3, an Electro-Whipping, and a merciless AOH Beating with bare fists and the skillful NUL’s tonfa. (23 Minutes)

If you like that sort of thing...


steve noir

Busy today, but I posted the video DESTRUCTION OF THE AMAZON at my web-store at (I can't directly link to Clips4Sale from DA, sorry.)
ALSO posted GIRL X: STRANG - at Clips4Sale, it is called GIRL X: FORCED...
GIRL X: STRANG is the short, sexy sequel to FEARGIRL: GIRL X, which I have previewed here -- but which is NOT FOR SALE yet.
FEARGIRL: GIRL X will post in conjunction with the upcoming Site Update. SOON!
Gotta go. But wanted you guys to be the first to know!