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My Bio
Hey, DA. It's been 5 years - I think that calls for a Bio Update.
So. I am a filmmaker and 'web-producer'(?) I guess you'd say. Along with a handful of mainstream film creations (a couple of indie films, a sold screenplay [unproduced] and a produced screenplay), I primarily work in the alternative or underground video field, making my own concocted combination of Grindhouse, Fetish, Erotic, and mixed genre video works for various websites, web-stores and individual clients.
You can find links to ALL my work through my own website, STEVENOIR.COM:
My website FEARGIRL.COM is my current pride and joy. There I have found a way to blend and bend all those previously mentioned genres into a kind of shared creative virtual space, to collaborate with artists, writers, photographers, Custom/Commission clients and other filmmakers in fleshing out a dark fantasy world, one project at a time.
I don't know where I would be without the community and web-services here at DeviantArt. DA functioned as my first professional website for some time, and it is still functions as my vibrant artists' social network.
I hope to return to this page in another 5 years, with more fancy accomplishments to blab about!
steve noir

Work In The Time Of Corona

Work In The Time Of Corona

Hey dA; So, we all know it's weird out there. No need to rehash that here. So, talking to my model/actresses, collaborators, and potential commissioners, I found myself saying I DONT KNOW a lot. A whole lot. And it wasn't great for my imagination or my energy. And I realized I needed to create some structure that I COULD control, to keep myself focused and productive and to eliminate, as much as possible, the I Don't Knows. So here's what I came up with. For the time being, I am going to run my creative endeavors AS THOUGH I'M NEVER GOING TO SHOOT AGAIN. There is so much for me to do, if I just think of it that way! I have TONS OF U



Hey DA, Steve Noir here. The world is in tumult, and so, in a rare move for me, I have sent you not one but two beautiful costumed heroines! (In truth, this was a second project for the man who brought us all JEAN RAY VS HELLBENDER (…) a year or so ago, and it got put aside as a 'rainy day' video release at the time. And we all have lots of rainy days coming up, so I will be delving often into my backlog in the coming months...) CATGIRL VS THE AMAZON VS HELLBENDER: (…) Slimy HELLBENDER (Scratch) is looking to add to her collection of sexy heroines and villainesses. She h



Hey DA. I am glad I left a trail of bread-crumbs; I might have never found my way back here. So yeah, it's been a while. But I've been busy. I have stoked up my business model, shot a metric ton of new material, and committed myself to releasing videos EVERY MONTH, on the regular. (We'll see how I do.) First up is RESIDENT VIRUS 5. NIXI plays Jen Valentine and PEPPER KESTER plays Claire Redstone in RESIDENT VIRUS 5: Doppelgangers. This one features Breath Control, Environment Suits, KO and Ragdolling, Heavy Groping, Upper and Lower Body Nudity, and some Hardcore Finger-banging. Both girls look amazing, get worked over (by each other)

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Nice work. Consider finding a new host for your purchasable content other than Netcode, though. I've never seen a commercial site so hostile and distrustful of customers that it forces them to mail in a money order to purchase downloads. I'd happily buy your stuff if it were possible to simply pay digitally, and there are probably a lot more potential supporters who are thinking the same thing.

I feel you. Message me if there's anything you'd like me to sell you directly. How do you feel about Clips4Sale? I have a presence there and I was going to start back everything up there.

Switching over or expanding to other hosting sites would be a great move, and Clips4Sale is a pretty large and popular one; should lead to more sales and exposure.

CatfightKingHobbyist Digital Artist

Hello and Bravo Steve. Take a look at my page and give me a shout if you ever want to commission any art...

We have "similar"

Big fan of your work,,I have several of y0ur vids from C4S, really enjoyed the abdomade series

jetZigProfessional Photographer
I am so sorry for having been AWOL for so long. Traveling, working, watching impeachment inquiry, the lot. Will try to catch up with all the stuff you guys and girls are up to, untill that happens - KEEP GOING! Love. in blood, friend.
I feel like we are blood brothers and, like so many other brothers, sometimes we don't keep up like we should!
Send me a quick email, when you can at -- we will at least reconnect. I would love to hear what's up with you. AND I am heading to Texas soon, to meet up with my sister and shoot some Texas girls. (With a video camera; not the way people are usually SHOT in Texas...) I will get you a Texas Christmas present!
Great to see your name on my page, friend. Much love to you...