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Steven Odzer serves as the CEO of YBT Industries in Cedarhurst, New York, bringing over thirty years of experience in distribution and shipping. His leadership philosophy centers around strategic efficiency, nurturing learning-oriented company culture, and proactive mentoring, all aimed at elevating performance and profitability.

Odzer, a devoted father of seven and grandfather to nine, incorporates the virtues of patience and compassion into his professional life. His family-focused outlook translates into a commitment to community contribution and passionate advocacy for employing individuals with disabilities, thereby fostering their independence and self-assurance.

In discussing the essence of business strategy, he emphasizes the necessity of a well-crafted plan for enduring success. He acknowledges the challenges faced by first-time CEOs in balancing leadership responsibilities. His approach to strategy development involves prioritizing core values, aligning resources with objectives, and endorsing strategic steps that propel the company forward.

Odzer outlines six crucial strategy tips for new CEOs:

  • Articulate a clear vision.

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your competitive edge.

  • Set precise production goals.

  • Aim for simple, systematic growth.

  • Always consider the broader picture.

  • Ensure team engagement and satisfaction.

He advises CEOs against overly immersing themselves in day-to-day operations, instead suggesting they orchestrate the broader strategy like a symphony conductor.

On the mentoring front, Steven Odzer views coaching as a fundamental aspect of effective CEO leadership. He encourages new CEOs to dedicate significant time to mentoring, emphasizing the CEO's dual role as a business leader and chief mentor. Regular mentoring sessions, transparent communication, goal alignment, and resource provision are critical components of his recommended approach. He stresses the importance of recognizing exceptional performance, fostering open dialogue, and conducting efficient, purposeful meetings with actionable outcomes.


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