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Origins of the Mars Squad by SteveNoble197 Origins of the Mars Squad by SteveNoble197
This comic was made based on the simple premise a friend of mine suggested. I had more fun with the idea than I thought I would from hearing the first pitch. 

The Mars Squad: A group of three inhabitants of Mars's City One, who became enhanced by an accident caused by an alien artifact of unknown origin. All three of them became able to breath the Martian atmosphere, and propel themselves through it at incredible speed. Beyond that, each of them gained individual abilities as well.

Marswoman: Bianca Ingram, CEO of COS (City One Security) developed beyond-human strength and toughness. She can lift loads several times her own weight, and resist wounds from slashing or bludgeoning weaponry, as well as most types of gunfire.

Raeden: Kyra Ferdinand, bio-engineering and robotics expert of the City One Science Institute, developed the ability to control electrical currents and alter her body at the molecular level. She can discharge large amounts or electricity, or manipulate electrical currents to take control of electrical devices. She can also alter her molecular density to phase through solid objects.

Deimos: Tom Stephenson, earthborn member of the Mars Explorers, gained powerful psychic abilities. He can read the minds of others, and make his own thoughts heard as well. He can also telekinetically warp reality, using his mind to create illusions.

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August 24, 2018
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