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The Mars Squad by Lemorack, visual art

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Greetings! I bid you welcome to my DeviantArt Page. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Self - Vampire Count

You can check out my website here: lemorack.com/

I use the name Stevenoble197 or Lemorack on the various sites I use.

twitter: twitter.com/lemorack

twitch: www.twitch.tv/lemorack

youtube: www.youtube.com/user/Lemorack

I am a hobby artist and avid gamer. At one time I wanted to work in the comic book industry, but that was not fated to work out.

I mostly prefer to draw female characters. I feel that my picture of the ideal woman is not propagated enough in popular culture.

Please enjoy your stay!

I do not support AI art software. I do not think particularly highly of my art in general. If you read the descriptions in my posts, you may already have pieced that together. I don't imagine that AI programmers would be rushing to get a hold of what I made to feed their art generator machines. But still, as it stands currently AI art is theft. Full stop. It is a minimum effort, sleazy, hands-off method of stealing art from the artists who made it and trying to pass it off as original. The "oh, but digital art" and "Photoshop and CSP" etc. arguments do not hold up. Just like NFTs before them, the people who support AI art are doing an absolutely terrible job of convincing me that this is in any way good for artists. This is because it is not. It is another disconnected tech-industry move to make more money at the expense of people they do not care to think about. I do not support it, nor do I ever see myself supporting it. I just now learned about the DreamUp situation, and to say
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I've gotten lots of new followers recently. It's encouraging to see, but also a bit intimidating. Welcome to everyone new to my profile! I can tell from the pieces that have been getting the most views, that most of you are here for the buff women. I don't blame you. I have a tendency to just go forward doing my own thing with whatever phase I happen to be in, but I will do my best to drop works in my feed that I believe you expect. Thanks and Enjoy! -Lem
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Hey all! I took advantage of a core membership offer after being on the site for 9 years, and decided it was time to update my profile name from the old SteveNoble197 to the name I use on most other sites: Lemorack. The change was long overdue. That is all!
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Hi! Thx for watching! Cheers!

Thanks for faving Fiendish Fish!

so you like harls and Ivy too? I feel the animated series handled their romance very nicely and treated Kite Man's feeling on the matter in a way that did him justice

I'm a fan of the Harley and Ivy duo and have been since Batman TAS. I liked the Harley Quinn show, but ironically not the romance part. In the end I'm just glad they ended up together.

As for Kite Man, the less I say about him the better. I don't share in the majority opinion regarding him.

fair enough

sometimes I've been musing about writing an FMG story with Harley set in her series

Sounds easily doable. With Bane and Venom the DC universe even has it's own inherent plot device for it.

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Thank you so much for the watch!

PS: Your art gallery is really amazing to browse through. :nod: