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Natural Desygns


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

- Albert Einstein

The Lonely Robot - Photoshop Art

One of my favorite drawings

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My Bio

As I study my past-self, I continually discover new avenues of frustration. So much of those carefree days were spent wasting my time absorbing lazy content. I constantly ignored the advice of my parents and instead forged my path, headless of the dangers they tried to help me avoid.

While reading and now writing, were chief among the activities I refused to delve into, drawing was something that I put to the wayside, preventing me from pursuing it to the fullest. Despite my recent push to kindle the creative side to myself, it remains hard to steer myself through the vast number of eddies and currents that seek to sink the fledgling creator that has emerged.

If my art catches your imagination, giving you a fresh idea or a momentary smile, use the tip jar and help me continue bringing new art to the world.

Favourite Books
There are too many to list without forgetting one.
Favourite Writers
This list has ebbs and flows but Brandon Sanderson and Jim Butcher currently top it.
Favourite Games
Don't have a favorite game, unlike with books its about what captures my attention when I need a break.
Favourite Gaming Platform
My laptop is my primary portal into games.

Trapped Partner

2 min read
As Benjamin drifted through the desks littered about the precinct, his mind raced as he reviewed his surveillance of Patty Hudson. Yet when several headlines drifted into his chest, his gaze whipped about, and he registered the bullpen was shockingly empty, despite the hour. His right hand rubbed his lower jaw as he rose out of an officer’s desk. Once he was hanging over it and a newspaper, Benjamin’s finger traced the date. A groan escaped his ethereal lips as he realized almost two weeks had gone by while he’d been observing Patty. He promptly raced to Marcus’s desk, only to find it suspiciously empty. However, instead of leaving to search for his partner, the ghost located the nearest officer, who was on the phone. As the cop nodded his head and twirled his finger, Benjamin flew through the officer’s chest, stopping to read what he’d written. “Has anyone found Marcus?” Benjamin whirled about and latched onto the officer’s head. “What’s happened to my partner?” “Does anyone know
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Arduous Harvest

2 min read
Charles tossed a rock out into the pond. As the resulting ripples raced toward them, he turned to Selina, shaking his head. “What are we looking for?” “These alone justify our trip,” Selina said as she slid next to him, brandishing a handful of roots. With a sly smile, she dropped them into her sack as she plucked an ornate blossom. “However, the actual prize is the world’s flowers.” Activating his com, Charles leaned forward and took a whiff of the plant. However, instead of a pleasant aroma, its bitterness assaulted him, prompting a cough. “Lucille, are the locals still ignoring us?” “Everything looks clear,” Lucille said, “but why are you down there instead of Tia?” Charles pinched the bridge of his nose as he released a heavy sigh. “Selina mentioned something about Tia’s lack of understanding. However, focus on my questions. How close are the locals?” “Though that’s not a knock on her eagerness to learn,” Selina said, pulling out and activating her scanner. After a brief
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New Roads

2 min read
As the shade drifted through the walls of a stranger’s home, she paused whenever she glided across a photograph. Her wispy fingers traced each face as she studied every line and curve, searching for a hint of familiarity. Yet, after studying every picture on display in this person’s home, the shade’s ethereal hands rubbed her fluttering arms while her gaze drifted to the ceiling. “Have I satisfied your wants? I came and explored the house, but I don’t know who lives here. So, please tell me what I am doing here?!” When the final syllable echoed off the wall, a pulse of pain raced up the ghost’s arm. She twisted her hand to watch as the note attached to her palm undulated, like an octopus’s tentacle groping for an outcropping. After the paper’s motion stopped, it began to shrink, revealing more of her hand. Once all its movement ceased, a new cryptic message was scrawled across it, causing the previous text to vanish. You are where you need to be. The shade’s ethereal body fluttered
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Llama Farm

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Thanks for the watch, badge and favourite, I like your bio btw.

It was my pleasure, your art is very nice :)

Hello there! I'm here because you supported me in some way! Gave me a llama, a watch, etc.!

From the bottom of my heart, your support means the absolute world to me, and I wouldn't be here without you! No words can describe how much a single watch or llama can be to me.

May you be blessed with happiness! ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

Thanks for the badge!!!

Thank you kindly for the Bleeding Heart for the Land, much appreciated gesture! Best, Vic

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