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Jim Henson's Labyrinth Artist Tribute book cover


Cover I did for Boom! Studios and Labyrinth’s 30th anniversary. Specifically the cover will be on Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Artist Tribute book. There’s an article at Entertainment Weekly that has details.

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Is this available to purchase a print anywhere?

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No, sorry, Boom never made prints.

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I've seen the book's cover - YOU designed it??????? Dude, that is AMAZING!!!
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Hi, Thanks! Yes, I conceptualized and made the art for the cover.
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wow thats a really interesting spin to the movie 
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I just preordered this book. I know it's going to be epic from your cover art! Fantastic :) 
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Thanks! Can't wait to see the interior art!
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I've been drooling over the cover art for the book since it was first previewed and I've already got it on preorder! Big thumbs up to you for the beautiful work you have created!!
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Congrats on getting the cover for this tribute!  The likenesses are spot on here and you've combined realism and fantasy beautifully.
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Thanks! It's a nice change doing a cover for a property that has a completed story, so I can pull a bunch of story elements into the composition.
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Woa!!! So beautiful! ;)
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Amazing and beautiful!! <3
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Yamato Sparkleeye Icon This is amazing!! The detail is beautiful and you really captured David's likeness!! And congratulations on getting your work on a cover! That must be quite an honor and exciting! Applause Clap Applause Clap Applause Clap Lovely Work!! 
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Awesome love this movie
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