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Grunge wallpaper

My first wallpaper, 2500x1600 and 1280x1024
© 2008 - 2022 steveni70
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I used it as a background on one of my pieces :) If you don't want me to use it I'll take it down straight away. Thank you so much either way <3
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Beautiful, Many Thanks.
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Very beautiful work!
monsteronabox's avatar
sweet pattern, love it. :)
ctekdesigns's avatar
Your art is amazing! If you have time check out my t-shirt designs, and if ya like any vote :) thanks for your support

noobyzgir350's avatar
may i use this for a picture im making?

i may be weird but at least i draw
May we use this wallpaper as a background to an email message?
trutz's avatar
May I use this one as a background for my band's website?
FyreonHart's avatar
great wallpaper!
can i get your permission to use this as a blog wallpaper? :)
Luur-IK's avatar
I love this wallpaper, simply dark like an old vampire
Akienna's avatar
This is beautiful!
Whatisameg's avatar
Absolutely awesome. LOVE Damask!
picturework-memory's avatar
thank you for providing me the prefect wallpaper :)
yuushaART's avatar
Thanks to TinEye, I found where this wall came from. :)
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Hi, we are a Crossover band, we want use this on our first demo-album. Tell me if it's ok for you
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I once saw a slightly different wallpaper ... basically, of this. The dark parts on yours were bulletholes with torn wallpaper on the other one. Did you do that too? This one is nicer. :D
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Could I use this for a profile of a friend of mine?
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