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weird western spectacular dc2

did this for the weird western spectacular on the dc2 fansite
i tried something different with one and just coloured over the pencils a bit trial and error but think i just about pulled off the old rustic look i was going for :)

here we have (from left to right) Arak, Nighthawk,Jonah Hex, Vigilante,Tomahawk, Pow-Wow Smith and Bat Lash (and some guy getting punched) :D
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Great job!! Made a Western illustration myself, check it out:
Gunpoint (colour)
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
Looks great though Bat Lash's face looks scared/shocked and his mouth seems off.
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I seriously do love this but disapointed that my favorites are not in this pic: Johnny Thunder and the Trigger Twins.

Still it is great
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yeah sorry only had the characters that were in the story in it, i say blame the writers ;)
Jess-Foxx-Quinn's avatar
Oh I am not blaming anyone. Still this is a great pic alone
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I really like the style that you did. :) Vigilante and Jonah Hex! Whoot!
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glad you liked it it was alot of fun to do :)
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The picture looks fun. :)
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Great, really great and so alive picture... :aww:
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Always welcome! :hug:
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Fantastic job!!:clap:
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thanks very much :)
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Bad ass cool! Wish I had someone with that talent / flavor to do a one shot.
eflow1's avatar
Seriously why aren't you working for DC/Vertigo yet? :D
StevenHoward's avatar
ha ha i would take working for anyone so long as i could make a living from it :)
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wowo...really weird, but still AWESOME!!
Walter-Ostlie's avatar
That is sweet. nice work, reads awesome.
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nice colors, looks old-timey-great

keep creating!

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cheers mate thats what i was going for :)
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cool, looks great
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