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Okay, then. Xerox is being Xerox, and looking at only short-term costs and solutions, instead of long term solutions. So, I am unemployed again, because my box on the accountant's worksheet had too big of a number in it, and it wasn't obvious that I saved money in other boxes. This is a slight oversimplification, and one they would probably dispute, but it is nevertheless basically true. But it's timing isn't too bad, all considered. We are moving into a new house, so I am taking my time off and packing/unpacking stuff from boxes. Soon I will be looking for work in earnest, but for now, I haven't really tried to find a new job. But I am putting out a few feelers to some recruiters, so I haven't been completely lazy on the job front! Plus, I figured it's a good time to start producing more artwork; I haven't done that in over a year, so I have obviously been remiss in that department.
Employed again! Now maybe working will generate some new inspiration for artwork! (Well, here's hoping, at least!)
Well, this whole "looking for work" thing has made me utterly uninterested in doing any abstracts. Alas! I just haven't had the urge to create any that I actually like. The (small) upside is that in looking through my hard drive for some older stuff, I have found a few things worth sharing.
Well, when I mentioned that there wasn't going to be much time for art, I was right. What I hadn't figured out yet was that I was going to be posting several (lots, many, a whole bunch) of various pieces of illustration, as a portfolio. Not a real, edited, "pieces specifically chosen" sort of portfolio, just a huge mass of work that gives people some idea of what I was doing for 8 hours a day for the last 9 years or so.

As for actual artwork, I haven't done anything in weeks. But there will be a more or less constant flow of a handful of pieces put up just about every day. Of course, it will all be pretty similar stuff, since it had to conform to Xerox illustration standards (which varied a bit, depending upon whether the artwork was for a customer facing manual, instruction sheet, service manual (desktop), service manual (production), or training. I had the most fun doing the desktop service manuals, as I had more control of the style of those.
Xerox has decided to terminate my employment. So now I am a free agent, which in this economy, is not necessarily a good thing. :-(

So I am going to be spending quite a bit of time looking for work, which means I may not have as much time to do art. We'll have to see how it goes.
As you may have noticed, I haven't posted any art recently. This is because I have been spending pretty much all of my "art time" on creating merchandise for my store on ( I am up to over 600 items with my abstract art on it, and now I feel like I have enough created to slow down adding more to fill out my product matrix (which is just a table showing products x artwork). So that means that I will be spending a little more time working on actual artwork to put up here for the Viewing of Others.

I have also been trying to spend a bit of time looking at art on DA, and trying to comment on pieces that speak to me. This isn't always easy, since I make it a point to at least try to explain why I think the piece is interesting. This can be difficult sometimes, as you often have to really dig deep into yourself to figure out why it is that you like something. But it's good to do that as it not only makes you think, but gives you access to your own psyche and enhances self-awareness.
I have recently opened an online store that sells custom items with my artwork on them. Things like phone cases, coffee mugs, laptop bags, mousepads, pillows, tote bags, etc.