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Iceglint Backstory for Scourge of Shards

I have been spending some time updating the story for Iceglint Broadwing. He was originally a character in a D&D game, but the campaign ended when the DM re-enlisted in the military and was sent off to Wisconsin. So I rewrote the story so it now takes place in the world I am developing, with the hope that someday I will be able to run it, when COVID-19 is under control.

In summary, the overall bones of the story are the same: Iceglint loses his partner, decides to leave and explore the wide world, and joins the army, eventually getting posted to Fort Coastwatch. How he got there is pretty much all different, as the setting changed.

It currently ends with him getting comfortable in his unit at Fort Coastwatch, a fairly decent end point, at least for now. Since it's a story of him trying to fit in with non-Aarakocra, ending the story with him being accepted seems like a good place to stop. For those who want an epilogue, Iceglint leaves the Imperial Army after a few years, and becomes a member of the Rural Watch, which is more like being a skywarden, which is something he prefers. The Rural Watch is sort of like a City Guard, but it patrols the rural areas surrounding the city, protecting the farmers, farmhands, herders, and the others who produce agricultural products for the city from monsters, brigands, and wild animals. Although I have the feeling that when the Tondene Empire goes to war, he will likely be called back into service with the rest of the levied troops.
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