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Triss Merigold at the meeting of Sorceress Lodge

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A few days ago, Triss received an invitation for the biannual meeting of the Lodge of Sorceresses in a distant castle in Kaedhwen. It was something Triss greatly enjoyed, spending time with old and new friends, discussing their lives and gossiping while drinking good wine. She decided on a more modest dress, that even though it was slim-fitting against her curves, did not reveal her tits, ass or her juicy cock, something that not every Lodge sorceress knew. She used magic to keep her cock flaccid, just in case of emergencies, since she didn’t expect to get hard and horny at the party.

Once she arrived at the castle however, it was a completely different story. All the Lodge bitches were dressed in revealing, skimpy outfits that showed their asses and tits, and most of them even walked around barefoot. Triss got a slight bit horny, but didn’t expect to get hard, so she approached a friendly sorceress for a chat.
“Lovely party we’re having here, aren’t we Triss?” Said the unknown sorceress to her
“I don’t think we’ve been introduced-” Triss wanted to know more about her new “friend”, but she unexpectedly walked towards her and grabbed her shoulder.
“Why don’t we skip the pleasantries? The wine on that table is simply ravishing, I’m sure you’d feel better if we had a glass..”
Triss felt the strangers hand sliding down her shoulder across her big tits, arousing her cock to start growing. She quickly grabbed it and pushed it back.
“You must excuse me, I forgot something important outside!” Triss shouted, almost running out the castle. She cast an invisibility spell and took off her dress to make her more agile, then ran to a distant bush.

The instant her spell disappeared, her body was revealed: Triss was completely naked behind the dress, and her cock was erect and hard, waiting to fuck a willing bitch. But unfortunately, Triss had to settle for a jerk off session. She sat down and started stroking the cock inches from her mouth, fantasising about all the bitches she had seen, about their near naked bodies, perfect thick asses and tits, cock sucking lips and perfect skin…it didn’t take her long to cum. But, she wasn’t going to waste that cum. She put her lips on her cockhead and started sucking, and moments after cumshot after cumshot filled her mouth and throat, and Triss swallowed all of her own cum, her cock going flaccid on her tits as she let herself rest against a comfy tree, thinking even more about the next meeting. “I’ll be sure to wear a cock cage next time…” she mumbled as drool and cum dripped from her mouth down her chin, falling into sleep



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