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Be sure to read the rules before joining!
This group is a fan group for the animated television show Steven Universe!

The show is created and run by Rebecca Sugar, a previous storyboarder and writer for Adventure Time!

Feel free to join (requests are automatically accepted) and submit art!

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Salutations, everyone

My sincerest apologies for the group's inactivity. It appears our (former) founder had deactivated some time ago, leaving this group in my hands and I had not realized.
I intend to remedy this as best I can, even if it does not involve me.

That said, as per the title of this entry, I am taking the initiative and creating this call to active users of this platform to see if there resides to be any interest in staffing and contributing to this group.
This platform's revamp has made creating group entries quite difficult, so I am actually editing an old entry to get this out on our page... please let it be noted that this iteration was created night of March 6th, 2022.

If I'm completely honest and can get a bit personal here for a moment, with this site's decision to revamp its appearance and such, I was one of the many users who abandoned ship.
In retrospect, I realize it was quite irresponsible of me, considering this platform still remains as a network for other artists, and failing to think about the impact to the 11,000+ members of this particular group in the act of boycotting this platform was a bit short-sighted of me...
I digress...

Stated once again, if anyone is interested in taking up the position, I am looking to pass this group along to someone active, experienced, responsible, etc.

Please ensure you read over the rules, and please review the following questions:

  • How active are you or would you be?
  • Are you experienced with other groups?
  • Why do you think you would be a good fit?

Please feel free to send this group or myself a note with your answers so I can review it, if you are interested!

Thank you!

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ThatGenderFaunGay Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant
It makes me sad that this group is dead, SU is my SpIn
dvandom Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2022  Hobbyist
Looks like a troll got past moderation.  I've reported the hate posts that got into the gallery.
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