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I gaze out to the stars in heaven
A million souls gathered
They seem to be in good company
We never see the tragic truth

Each star stands on its own
Crowded by strangers
Not another star caring for another
I share the pain of the star

I watch a thousand people pass me by
Never giving a second glance
An unimportant being in their life
They hardly notice my presence

My heart is broken
Held together by will
I want to live
Even if I will never know love again

A rambling fool to some
A curious wander to others
The truth of me is hardly known
No one truly wants to know

In all honesty
I am alone in my heart
Knowing the path I walk on
Was not built for two

I will continue to wander
Observing history as it passes
Maybe one day to my surprise
Love and hope will prove me wrong...
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This was a poem about genuine feelings I had at the time of posting. I was at a point where I honestly believe that, with the curses and strifes that life had thrown at me, I was truly meant to be a lone wanderer. Of course, I do not feel that way now.

You can find this poem in my book 'Permit Me To Dream' which you can buy on,, and other online book stores.

Word Count: 157
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What are the odds... I definite fav. Were kinda walking on the same lines on this one. Hum... I like yours better than mine entitle "The Empty Space" but I never really finish it so its up in the air. One cant go wrong with just expressing their honest feelings so a + on both sides.

Dont know if youre interested but I thought I'd just save you a bit of time by posting the link.
SteveJones313's avatar
Simply excellent work!
SteveJones313's avatar
My pleasure - I'd give fuller critique but my head is splitting.

Once I'm recovered, I'll revisit this sweet work. ^^
Blood-Banker-J's avatar
Well I got some tape if you need to patch it up. JK LOL =p

Thats fine... its an honor that you fave it! :)
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This so beautiful and very moving....
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sweet its really awesome!!
Kittiebeth's avatar
I love this, it's beautiful :heart:
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Thank you for your interest in my work!
Kittiebeth's avatar
thank you for creating beauty :heart:
SteveJones313's avatar
You make me blush
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