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Hello, everyone. I just got done posting the three "VS" stories that I wanted to post last Halloween, but was unable to due to issues with Microsoft Word. Thankfully, they're now up and can be read here.  The stories were a trilogy, not necessarily an anthology. It was meant to be a quadrilogy, with the first story being Kong vs. Dracula, but since I had issues working that story out, Kong vs. Frankenstein was the first in the series. Lately, though, I've been thinking about doing something like this again as an anthology series of stories, 11 to be exact. And they involve the slasher villains, though one isn't a villain nor is he a slasher, but he's commonly associated with them since he appeared in two comic series with two of the slashers. I think you all know I'm referring to Ash Williams, hero of the Evil Dead series of films, sans the remake.

The idea came about when I first heard about another anthology, though it's an officially published one you can buy on Amazon called "Duel of the Monsters". It features stories like Werewolf vs. Vampire, Cyclops vs. Dragon, and Ogopogo vs. Giant Evasive Eel. Interestingly enough, Matthew Dennion, best known for Atomic Rex, wrote the Cyclops vs. Dragon story as a tribute to the old Ray Harryhausen films. I've only read part of it, since I haven't bought it, but it seems like a good read if anyone here wants to check it out.

So, while, for obvious reasons, I couldn't publish the "VS" stories involving the slashers, I thought I'd do something similar and have an anthology on here. Now, originally, since "Duel of the Monsters" had multiple authors, I did want to suggest different people on here write the stories, and I'd put them all in a PDF document and link the stories in the description, but then I figured that'd probably be too complicated. So, while I'll be the only writing it, if it happens, I do need some help with it, concerning two things: The match ups and what order they should be in. The following are the match ups I have selected, based on each character's powers and abilities. Keep in mind that this is not the order they'll be in, but rather a list to show who will be clashing with who:

Freddy Kreuger vs. Pennywise
Jason vs. Victor Crowley
Michael vs. Candyman
Chucky vs. Norman Bates
Maniac Cop vs. Leatherface
Hannibal Lecter vs. Jigsaw
Ash Williams vs. Herbert West
Leprechaun vs. Wishmaster
Pinhead vs. Tall Man (Phantasm)
Ghostface vs. Harry Warden
Pumpkinhead vs. The Creeper

Like I said, these are just the ideas I have at the moment. I do need help in determining if these are the match ups I should go with or if I should switch some around if I do go through with writing it. I also need some help in determining what order they should be in. There won't be a big, over arching theme, but some events will be happening at the same time, or characters in one story will appear briefly in another or get mentioned.

So, basically, that's all I need help with. I don't know if the entire thing will be posted now or around Halloween, since I really don't have any ideas on what to do then. If it happens, it'll probably be around this time to sort of keep going with the "VS" stories I just posted. One last thing I'll need help with is determining the winners of each match. Some are obvious while others are not. The Jason vs. Victor idea in particular is one I'm stuck on since many fans seem to think Jason would win in a difficult battle, but Kane Hodder himself, the man who played both characters, said Victor would win.

Essentially, I need help with these three things: The winners, the order they go in, and if I need to change the match ups. Like I said, this isn't a for sure thing idea just yet, and this is mostly just to gauge interest in it. So, if anyone has any ideas, let me know in the comments below. Thanks.
Hello, everyone. With the three "VS" stories now posted, I wanted to post this idea to you all. It's an idea that I've had in my head for the past few days, and I just wanted everyone's opinion on it. It's not a for sure thing just yet, but if I do have help in the areas I mentioned, then it'll most likely happen. Also, yes, I did want to propose the idea so many of you could write your own story involving the characters mentioned, but since it'd be too much trouble to do, I figured I'd be the one writing it with input from you all on it. Again, not a for sure thing. Just wanted to get the idea out there. So, like I said, if anyone has any ideas, feel free to share them in the comments below. Thanks again. 
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As far as the match-ups are concerned, they are all good. In fact I even used some of the same matchups when I was making fake dvd covers for a series of VS movies a while back. The only differences I had was that I had Leatherface Vs Crowley (I also had a Jason vs Crowley one as well), Maniac Cop vs Psycho Cop, and I had Harry Warden vs the killer from Valentine (I forget what he was called...).

But your matchups are all really good. I am intrigued by the Chucky Vs Norman Bates (Chucky's commentary would be priceless), Jigsaw vs Hannibal Lecter (this one is genius), and Ash vs Herbert West. Those are all great ones I would've never thought of.

I would advise that if you stick with Maniac Cop vs Leatherface, make Matt Cordell lose his gun fast so he has to resort to other weapons like his police baton/knife weapon or whatever it is.

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Thanks. Any suggestions on what order they should be in as well as who would win each of the match ups?
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As far as order goes that's entirely dependent on your preferences. But since its not going to be an over arching theme, I would stick the smaller human battles first and lead up to the big supernatural evil types (and some of the bigger names). I’ll put a mock order up with who might be favored to win in my opinion (most of these are a complete toss up).

- Hannibal Lecter vs. Jigsaw - Winner = Hannibal. This one would be close. It would be very interesting to see the evil minds at work, but I don’t know if their are many traps Jigsaw could come up with that Hannibal couldn’t solve.

- Ghostface Vs. Harry Warden - Winner = Harry Warden. Harry seems more durable and strong, but if you decide to make Ghostface multiple people like in the movies then that could be interesting. But then again you could always introduce a surprise with either Tom or Axel showing up as a second miner lol.

- Chucky Vs Norman Bates - Winner = Chucky. He’s just harder to kill.

- Ash Williams Vs Herbert West - Winner = Ash. He knows how to kill dead things lol. I think they even did a comic book crossover of this.

- Maniac Cop Vs Leatherface - Winner = Maniac Cop. Harder to kill... since he’s already dead.

- Leprechaun Vs Wishmaster - Winner = TOSS UP. I want to say Leprechaun because the Djinn needs someone to make a wish to use his powers, but a Djinn who is completely free to use his powers would probably defeat the Leprechaun. Interesting to see what puts them up against each other... maybe the summoner of the Djinn wishes for a pot of gold lol.

- Pumpkinhead Vs Creeper - Winner = Pumpkinhead. He seems stronger and more durable. Unless the Creeper kills the person/people who summoned Pumpkinhead.

- Michael Vs Candyman - Winner = Michael. TBH I have no real reason behind this lol.

- Pinhead Vs Tall Man - Winner = Pinhead. This one would be close. Spheres vs Chains and hooks. But Pinhead has been shown to be more durable I think. Plus if you add their minions I'd pick the Cenobites over the Dwarves lol.

- Jason Vs Crowley - Winner = TOSS UP. I’d go with Jason just for name value, but there hasn’t really been a way shown the beat either of them for good.

- Freddy Vs Pennywise - Winner = TOSS UP. Since we are talking about the movies and not the book I’d lean toward Freddy. Pennywise does sleep for 27 years and that’s 27 years of Freddy’s domain. Freddy is capable of doing with the Losers Club did in both the Miniseries and the movies to stop him. If you are going by the book, then Pennywise stomps. He is an ancient cosmic evil being whose main rival was a giant space turtle named Maturin (Maturin is so ancient that he was the one who created the universe by vomiting it up).

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Good picks and thanks for the help. And yeah, Ash did meet Herbert West in the comics titled Re-Animator vs. Army of Darkness.