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Luffy and Hancock

So Im a little behind in One piece, just started reading/watching... I like the Luffy and Boa hancock deal.
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dude luffy's too pure for this world it's actually startling

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I'm also behind since I started late and just got to where Luffy meets Boa, and I totally want them together as well! :D
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you don´t know what you´re doing Luffy xD =D
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ohh luffy mmm mmmmmmm yes mmmm mmmmmmmmm
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There should be more art where Luffy motorboats Post timeskip Nami or Robin. :XD:
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Am I the only one who thinks Hancock is having an intense orgasm right now?
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Boa Hancock (Luffy Fangirling) [V1] Luffy and Hancock (Hug) [V1] Luffy Anime Emoji (Big grin) [V3] XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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If only they were actually together......
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That's some hug. Good pic.
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apparently puffy doesnt learn
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Luffy: Oh thank you Hancock!! Thank you very much!!:happybounce: *hug*

Hancock: Oh, t-t-that's nothing L-L-Luffy-sama!Tsugumi Blushing Icon Heart Y-Y-Youuuu... should goo-Chiyo Blushing Icon 

Sanji: LUFFYYYYY!! I'm gonna kick your rubber ass!!Yukine Surprised Icon :Dio: 

Hancock: Wha- HE'S gonna die...Natsu - mad 

Luffy: Sanjiiiiiii!!! I miss u a lot!!toy Bonnie jumpscare gif! 

Sanji: *kick*Puppet Rage (small) 

Luffy: WHOOAAAAAA!Chica derp Scootaloo Intensifies

Ace: Luffyyyyyy!!Hiyori Surprised Icon 

... What the hell had I imagine again? *sigh* That's why One Piece is not mine... XD
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:iconlaughsplz: You just made my day XD
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super orgasmo para Hancock
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rw:boy what a hug^_^
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:iconomgsocuteplz: I WISH I WAS LUFFY!!!!! :heart:
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Luffy's leg is probably so wet right now, he could easily beat up Crocodile with it!

~Youtube Reference!!
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He looks...comfy
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