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Earth Elemental

Earth Elemental character for an online game

Created in Artrage 3
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Your work has been featured here.…
If you want it removed, please let me know.
This is just beautiful, Great Job! Reminds me of an character my brother is working on, I better show him. :J
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I love your work man, you made me feel his wrath!
Very good earth elemenetal. You really got him to look powerfull!
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I like earth el.
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Truly are you called “Earth Shaker!” Will you once again call upon the ground itself to fight at your side? I await your signal. Will you restore the glory of your empire? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?
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He looks like the Earth titan of the Disney Film Hercules,with one head instead two :p
I really like the tree and roots on body. Make him a walking mountain
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Wow, Love the color :O
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Very nice! The mountainesque setting to the background fits great with the beasty's rough texture.
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Epic. Why did you decide to draw him/her with 4 fingers?
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Thank you :) No reason really, just figured if a creature has larger fingers they would have fewer of them. :)
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very badass epic drawing =) Hella powerful too =) like i imagine that thing is really strong and fits an Earth Elemental well and what one would look like
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Thank you, I appreciate it :)
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your quite welcome =) all of your artwork is simply amazing and wonderful ^_^ do u take requests btw?
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You have been featured here. I hope that this is OK :heart:
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Of course it's OK:) And thank you for featuring my work!
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Great painting :D
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