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Latex Hands, Chicago 1990

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Chicago's Wicker Park, 1990: This was the photo that started it all. My then-girlfriend Lisa and I had just come back from London where we bought some latex from Skin Two. I had my new Mamiya 645 and decided to mix two of my interests - fetish clothing and photography. It was a lazy weekend afternoon, and I had a back porch at my Chicago apartment so Lisa slid into her latex, and I loaded up my new camera. For the 6x4.5 film format, each roll of film provides 15 exposures. For this fetish experiment, I didn't even shoot the whole roll - I think I only took about 8 photos. Every shot was different but each had a wonderful quality that I hadn't seen in any other fetish photography. The only other fetish-oriented photographer at that time that I knew of was Bob Carlos Clarke whose book "The Dark Summer" inspired me greatly when I first saw it at Rizzoli Books at the Water Tower Place in 1985 when I was there to get a signed book from Richard Avedon. Anyway, back to the porch - I shot what I needed and processed the film a few days later in the darkroom that I had haphazardly built in my apartment. I was quite impressed with the results and decided to show them around to some of my connections in the local fetish scene, mainly Cindy at House of Whacks when they were on Broadway. I suddenly had an instant audience who loved the photos which only encouraged me to do more. And remember, this was before the internet so the only way people could see my work was in person, or if I was well-known (which I wasn't at the time), in a book, magazine, or gallery. That was it! For exposure, I had to send actual darkroom prints to magazines and hope to be published. Luckily, the European fetish magazines like Skin Two, <<O>>, and Secret jumped on my work, and my name was then officially known in the international fetish scene.

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Wow! Finally discovered the creator if this image after YEARS! I was enamored with the rubber fetish of this work from the first time it struck my eyes 💞. There is so much impactful fetish triggering in this and I was just letting myself get into my latent rubber fetish. I had dreams about the woman wrapped in rubber for this shot 🥴.

I'm also a photog and have had the opportunity to get a few fetishy images created but never able to discover a fetish model community to get into. I'm sure it's pretty tight and you almost have to be brought in. A man can dream.

Will forever have this work of yours in my Fetish HoF, Steve 🙏👏. Can't say how pleased I am to have put the image with the creator.

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Thanks so much for commenting. Such a great story with a happy ending! If interested in a print, it's part of my B-series of affordable prints priced significantly less than my limited gallery prints. See it and others at My apologies for spamming up your otherwise nice message!

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Not seen as spamming at all! Glad for the engagement with useful intel 🙏👏.

To compact what I said - this image of your work made an imprint and helped steer or further my interest in this rewarding fetish. I have seen other work of yours and, naturally, as you have known yourself for many years, top-shelf.

A nod and tip of the cap for what you do 🎩🎉🙏.

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Thanks for sharing. I too started my passion for fetish the 90s when I found <O>, Skin Two, Marquis. The first magazine I bought was Skin Two with Cat woman from Batman Returns on the front. This is how I mustered up the courage to buy it from Forbidden Planet in London, because it was my interest in comics I was buying it (yeah right). I still have that magazine today.
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Great to hear the background storiy.

I can see why this became a break-through photo!