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Annie, Chicago 1990

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From my 'Greatest Hits' collection of t-shirts at • Back to Chicago 1990, this was my second fetish-themed shoot shortly after doing the gratifying 'latex hands' session with my then-girlfriend Lisa. This was our friend Annie wearing the same latex dress and gloves from the first shoot. Unfortunately, one of the gloves had ripped so Annie could only wear one. The hand part of the glove was still good so Lisa put that on, and that's the hand you see in the bottom right corner. This was an early lesson for me demonstrating that you can use limitations to your advantage. I love this pose but it would not have been made had the one glove not gotten ruined. For the setting and lighting, I had a spare small bedroom at the back of my apartment which I applied a painters background to and used that as a studio for a brief time. I quickly decided I liked shooting more in natural environments and ditched the studio and artificial lighting after a few times. The shoot was lit by a single tungsten work lamp which was pointed at the ceiling creating this nice ambient lighting. Photographed with the Mamiya 645 which I still use to this day. 
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The indirect lighting works really well, and I agree that you have turned the mishap with the glove into a great picture.