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Angie, Los Angeles 2004

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This is a composite photo of two images (duh!) which I rarely do except when I am aware that two separate images might work well together as one piece. So this is a little experimental for me, but that's okay I guess. The model is my good friend Angie from Portland who was visiting me late 2004. This is posted here in this form for the very first time.

BTW, thanks for ALL the wonderful greetings and comments upon my joining the community here.
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It's like those old 'duck-and-cover' drills for civil defense! This should have been a poster!
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Brilliant shots! Proof that you don't need high-tech scenery to make a futuristic shot.
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This is magnificent.
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Great Image Steve!!
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I likw it, very good job.
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this reminds me of the magicians performance where he saws a woman in half
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heh, cool use of inanimate objects :)
I like the idea behind this.
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Very good one,
I liked it.
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Very good. The two pictures besides makes me think about te magicians who separate the bodies in pieces!
excellent visual game!
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stunning shot, just like most of your stuff is!
the idea of bringing together two different images in my eyes works pretty well here...
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Great composition. I like what you did with the photo, making it two seperate ones. :D
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very kewl idea, i like it.
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Love the way these two work well together. Great angles and her hair is a nice detail.
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Say, have you ever read "Understanding Comics" by Scott MacCloud? Any creative should at least take a look at it. Your "composite" works just like a comic. By the connection of those two images one tries to think of a story immediately. I like that a lot.
Just a couple of weeks ago I tried something like a photo-comic. I wasn't sure if it's going to work, but now I believe it does, thanks to my awsome models! ;-)
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Hey,its kinda funny...:) I like it,well done!
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