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Essential Light and Shade

See this and other tutorials on my YouTube Channel…
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Helped alot. Thx!
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Glad it helped. Look forward to seeing your work :)
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great lesson many thanks.
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Glad you liked it :)
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Thank you very much for those "light" lessons! And your art is SO great!
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Ah! I've been doing the shading wrong the whole time O_O Now I know the right way, thank you! ^_^
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This tutorial is very nice. I recently learned about bouncing light, however, I would do the highlights like in the wrong demonstrations... Do you know why the highlights are not placed next to the edge of the objects and why the square doesn't have the highlight like in the wrong drawing, since it's a flat plan? 
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good questions. It is a flat plain, but light is strongest nearer the source so fades out. Spheres have no edge but bounce light back at the viewer more when there are facing the viewer (the edge of the drawing of a sphere is facing away so the light bounces elsewher.. hope that makes sense..ish? :eyepopping:
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After all the shading tutorial I have search for, this one is the easiest and yet help me the most ;) merci !
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Very useful! Thanks a lot, it refresehes my art lesson ;)
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My whole life (in elementary school) is a lie...
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yeh know what you mean,... but it would have freaked the teacher out if a 4 yr old said.."excuse me, I think you are forgetting the cast shadow and reflective light in that anatomically incorrect rendition of a cat on that board :)
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think you meant 5 o3o... aren't 3-4 year olds in preschool? This is at least a 3-4th grade art lesson anyways.
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simple but i understand :D
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How do you blend the colors? :)
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This is great! Thanks.
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