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Bondage Treasure Hunt
Every summer Steve and Sebastian work in their family camping village which is owned by their father. Their mother Christina also supports the organization and activities at the camp site. The boys can obviously only give a helping hand as their main activities are running the Animation studio in the village (of course their underhand motive is to chat up and date the girls working in the studio, and if possible try to seduce the mothers of the children). The boys are bondage fanatics and are always planning bondage games with unsuspecting girls and women. Even now they are conspiring to play a tie-up game in the camping site and are planning how to do so without creating problems or anyone making complaints of the nature of the activities. Obviously coming up with such a plan is difficult but after a great deal of scanning various scenarios, they have decided on organizing a “Treasure Hunt” for the village children as an evening activity. Thei
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Every summer Steve and Sebastian work in their family camping village which is owned by their father. Their mother Christina also supports the organization and activities at the camp site. The boys can obviously only give a helping hand as their main activities are running the Animation studio in the village (of course their underhand motive is to chat up and date the girls working in the studio, and if possible try to seduce the mothers of the children). The boys are bondage fanatics and are always planning bondage games with unsuspecting girls and women. Even now they are conspiring to play a tie-up game in the camping site and are planning how to do so without creating problems or anyone making complaints of the nature of the activities. Obviously coming up with such a plan is difficult but after a great deal of scanning various scenarios, they have decided on organizing a “Treasure Hunt” for the village children as an evening activity. Their plan of using the children as bait to get to the nicest and prettiest mothers seems to be a safe way of indulging in their bondage passion.
Now there was a major problem in this plan viz. their mother Christina who possibly knowing her children’s bondage passion would have prevented them from playing this game. The only solution is to force or persuade her to join in the game, which would not be easy but was the only option.
It’s a hot summer afternoon, and after the afternoon break Christina, dressed in a white summer blouse, leather skirt and black heels, is on her way to return to the reception of the camp office through the path that passes through the camp site. Steve and Sebastian were waiting for her at a lonely spot on the trail and stop her near where there were a lot of hedges to hide them.

Hello, Mother! Do you know about the little treasure hunt we are organizing for tonight?”;
Yes, of course, is there a problem?”;
No but we need your help”;
No boys, I have to go to the office, I don’t have time to waste, don’t bother me with your problems";
But mom, it’s very important, come and have a look”;
I said NO!”
But if you come, we’ll be able to explain”.
She wanted to go away, but the two caught hold of her and pulled her off the road. They started pushing her away from the trail into the foliage and Christina, well knowing their tendencies struggled to free herself from their clutches. The boys are determined to force her to accompany them and so Steve hugs her round her waist very tightly, lifting her and moving towards the tool house of the camp.


The iron door of the warehouse slams shut, and Christina is finally alone as her sons go out from the building. It ends like all other times, more or less as she expected or maybe this time it’s worse than normal because Christina is now forced to stand still on her tiptoes as the rope tied to the roof cross-struts ends up being tied to the leather collar tied to her neck. The rope is short enough that it pulls the collar tight which forces Christina to stand still with her whole body pulled up. The tie is not dangerous as her children are not so stupid and knew how to immobilize their mother without putting her at risk. Their Mom is well tied as she cannot move even an inch from her position, standing in the middle of the room very uncomfortably but she is totally helpless, with her arms are well restrained behind her back being forced to wear a Victorian latex straitjacket with the sleeves wrapped around her body becoming tighter and narrower and locking them further in the front to back hug that she hates so much. The sleeves finally end up behind her back and engage with a strap which is locked with a small padlock for further security. The straitjacket is very minuscule covering only her large bust, shoulders and a small part of the neck.
Christina was by now used to being regularly tied by her children and she became submissive and meek in the face of their forceful demands to put her in restraints. This time she thinks that they have been soft on her at least in terms of what she has been forced to wear by them, but also she cannot resist and stop them from making her their sexy plaything. After forcing her into the warehouse they convinced her to undress and try on a sexy costume, which resembles a Wonder Woman cosplay costume, but unlike the costume shown in the comics, this one is made up of a blue latex thong, on the front of which is an all blue triangle with a small white star in the middle while at the back it narrows with small blue strips exposing quite a large amount of her sexy butt. The latex bra is red with three small white stars, the knee high sexy high heeled boots, and to top off the costume she wore a golden tiara with a red star in its centre on her forehead. Christina is pleased that this time at least she is more covered up even with the sexy attire though not by much, but at least the intimate parts of her femininity were covered by the thong and bra as against when she was forced to wear her transparent bikini.
While the situation does not look so bad, on the other hand it was also not good. Christina on seeing the costume before being dressed in it kept on complaining that the costume was not suitable in the camp site as well as in the village and it was not appropriate that the children in the game being organized see women in such scanty and sexy dresses. Sebastian, in the meanwhile has the straitjacket in his hands and on seeing this, Christina realizes that she is going to be placed in a difficult bondage position. They lock their Mum in the jacket and the Wonder Woman costume and while doing so, being very excited about their plan, they let slip the details of the plot:
Their plan to tie up the women and the mothers in the camp site required a detailed strategy which resulted in the naughty boys developing a specialized game for the kids in their animation class. The boys had already shortlisted the prettiest and sexiest mothers of the kids who would be encouraged and convinced to join in the cosplay. The game involved the mothers to wear costumes of superheroines who would then be put in distress by tying them up. They had already chosen their own Mom to be Wonder Woman and therefore it was necessary to put her into bondage first, which would be followed by trapping their Mom’s sister viz. their lovely aunt.
At this point the choice to tie their mother also makes great sense, as she was already worried about the problems that could crop up if her sons proceeded with their bondage plans and she could very well have put the spoke in their game. An added plus was that they loved to tie up their beautiful sexy Mom, and by including her in their game, increased the number of heroines captured adding to their joy and satisfaction. After completing her tight restraints, they went out for a moment leaving her to reflect on her unenviable situation. The collar and straitjacket are not her only worries, but they have also locked her legs together tightly in a number of leather straps. Additionally, to prevent her from screaming and raising an alarm and drawing the attention of the holidaymakers in the camp during the afternoon siesta, they have cleverly and tightly stuffed her mouth with a large sponge wrapped in the thong she had worn earlier all through the warm morning and thus soaked in her womanly juices giving her tongue a taste of herself. The tight gag was kept locked in her pretty mouth by a number of strips of transparent adhesive tapes which kept her silent except for some soft grunts, moans and mumbled demands to be freed!
The rope that is attached to her collar is very tight and she finds it difficult to balance and find a relatively comfortable position in her new Wonder Woman boots. Her arms are very tightly pulled behind her back, the latex straightjacket makes her perspire in the warm afternoon, dripping her sweat all over her body. Even though she knows that her sons are very diligent and expert in tying a woman, she none-the-less exerts herself in trying to find a chink in the bonds but she remains well tied and as time passes her discomfort increases. Looking over the way she has been tied, she looks for any chance to escape from her situation, when she notices that the rope attached to her collar is tied to a pipe near the ceiling. Foolishly she uses whatever strength she can muster she foolishly tries to pull the rope off using her neck and the collar, resulting in nothing more than getting hurt and choking. She realizes that she is not in a movie where the heroine can miraculously untie her bonds but that her sons have indeed tied her up in such a way that is inescapable. 
She looks around the room in search od something that could help her escape. She notices her clothes in a chair, the clothes which were stripped from her curvy body, except for the thong which was now stuffed in her mouth. On the table were also some leather objects and the bottle of baby oil, which she thoroughly hates now, being an aid to her most hated torture, hoping against hope that at least this time her boys will spare her the oil. Also on the table is her smartphone which was used to send messages, purportedly from Christina to her sister to lure her to her capture. But the table is too far away and in addition to the collar that holds her, the rope being pulled taut as a guitar string, her legs are also bound together.
Christina screams loudly into her gag as the door opens and bright sunlight fills the gloom of the warehouse, hoping that it is a stranger entering but her hopes are dashed as she spots her son Steve:

Excuse me if I did wait for you, now I have to do something small to you and then wait for the evening calmly!";
Mmmmmmmppppppppphhhhhhhhh!!!” Christina screamed;
I’m glad you agree with me, Mom!”.

He moves to the table, picks up the bottle of oil and approaches his mother, who gives him a very angry look and moans into her gag, but both know what will happen. With absolute calm he pours the oil and spreads it over his Mom’s body. She looks on helplessly as he oils the front of her long, long, sexy legs to over the knee length boots. He then moves behind her and stops to admire her curvy butt then leaning over her buttocks kneading the fleshy orbs, touching and stroking the satiny smooth lush flesh which is fully exposed except for the thong elastic strip which cleaves in-between the two firm globes, lusting after the beautiful ass that he realizes that no young girl can possess. Christina, tightly bound cannot retaliate or escape her son’s wicked stroking and can only try and enjoy the sexy torture that he makes her endure. Red-faced and red eyed, she can only mewl into her gag complaining against the his caresses, and wiggle and twist in her strict bonds, her lower body writhing in a very sexy way as Steve administers a few sharp spanks on her sexy butt.
She prays that the time will move fast and end her torture, but as is the case in real life, time seems to actually move slowly, very slowly, as slowly and caressingly as her son’s hands are on her body, touching and massaging every inch of her exposed skin, satisfying his lust. He then moves in front of her, appreciating her sexy body which glistens in the light, well-oiled all over. Steve returns after washing his hands and picks up another object from the table which she does not recognize. Its made from black latex like the straightjacket, and Steve starts binding her further without offering any explanations what he is planning to do. It’s a leg binder, very elegant and tight, a kind od stocking with straps which wraps round her legs like a stocking binding the legs together from ankles to the butt, locking together with a zipper and on top with straps which also gets tied to the belly as if it was a real undergarment. Steve adjusts the leg binder such that it fits the tightest around his mother’s legs, then ensuring that it can’t be further tightened, secures it by pulling the strap firmly on her belly and locking it shut. 
Unsure of what is being planned for her by the kids, the day looms very long for her as it is still only lunchtime with a long afternoon awaiting her in her trussed form. Meanwhile Steve still has to plan for the evening which they cannot goof up. He returns to his Mom, who has already suffered enough and who seems to be screaming insults at him but he is unaware of everything but her whimpers from beneath the gag which makes her, in his eyes, very hot and sexy, while she attempts to free herself screaming and writhing hard to try to escape from the bonds, but her attempts at escape look very sexy and sensual. Steve unties the rope attached to her collar but she knows that he will not be freeing her. She is suddenly lifted up onto his strong and broad right shoulder, his hands pressing and caressing her bared ass cheeks enjoying her sexy body pressing into him as he carries her to the other room.
Christina can now see the room in which she has been taken. It is a small room with windows high up on the walls which is the only source of natural light. The room is used as a storage room for the village animation tools so has a number of metal shelves and is also hot and stuffy. Steve stops at a metal table and putting his mother down carefully to avoid hurting her, forces her to bend over the table by putting a hand at her belly and pushing her head down with the other. She is caught off guard by the move and before she can resist she has been bent over, her warm body striking the cool metal setting off shivers in her belly and breasts. Steve in the meantime takes advantage of her lack of resistance by tying her ankles with a rope, passing it below the shelf and attaching her collar to the other end, thus forcing her to stay bent over. Taking some more belts, he slips them around her body and below the shelf thus holding her body even more strictly to the table. Her ears are suddenly stuffed with earphones which Steve inserts and locks them there, connecting the plugs into a MP3 player playing rock and hard music. The cacophony disorients her, unable to hear what is happening in her surroundings. Steve is very pleased by the way he has restrained his Mother and before leaving the store-room in the company of her bonds and music kisses her on the cheek and also enjoys spanking her a couple of times on her curvy ass.
Christina, like any self-respecting and capable woman, is angered not by the tightness of her bonds or gag, but detests that she has been tied to a table and displayed as a product or object. It’s also annoying that she is unable to hear what is happening in the living room and wondering what mischief her two children are upto. She tried to call out to them but the gag is very tight and her cries are well muffled. The afternoon is very hot and time goes by very slowly, with the loud music as her only distraction. Her frantic attempts to loosen her the straps holding her to the shelf are ineffective, and she accepts her bondage hoping that someone will come to help her. Eventually, she feels a slight movement of breeze around her as the door opens to admit someone. She turns her head to see what the distraction is due to and is astonished at the sight of her other son, Sebastian carrying a woman on his shoulder. She can only see the other woman’s ass and legs, tied similarly to her own bindings, in a leg binder. Sebastian greets her with a nod while depositing the woman on the shelf like Christina was, while she gazes at him with frightened eyes, wondering who the woman was and what had her boys done to her. The woman in addition to wearing a latex hood that resembles Catwoman also has her eyes closed by a black mask. Sebastian inserts the earphones, checks the strength of the bonds and exits from the room, while the woman continues protesting in her gag.
Thanks to the light entering from the windows, Christina can get a good look at the sexy body of the woman tied next to her. She can’t see too much of the woman’s front but realizes that the woman wears a black micro-bikini, and it’s obviously a kind of a Catwoman costume, with a Catwoman like mask on her face. The woman is wearing a strict reverse Victorian straightjacket from which she is desperately trying to escape but without success. The arms are pulled behind her back and tied by the jacket in a “reverse” position with the fingers pointing upwards, while the legs are well restrained together by the leg binder. Christina can also see the beautiful black boots below the leg binder, and where the skin is bare and naked, it’s glistening with oil. The ass cheeks are also naked and slick with oil, with three bands of the thong crossing the ass. The lower back is decorated with a tattoo on the lower back and Christina is jolted seeing this tattoo as she recognizes her sister Manuela from the tattoo. She realizes that her children must have used her own phone to lure her sister to her capture and now Manuela was lying next to her thoroughly restrained just as she was. She realizes that their situation is now really bad since both the sisters are now tied up together and there is no one to search for them now free them.
The afternoon seems very long especially as the ties that restrained the women are tight and have not loosened in any way and sweat drips on the bodies of the two helpless beauties. This situation is a novelty for both the women being tied together in each others company and Manuela definitely suspected that her bondage is because of her sister’s sons, her nephews as she could see Christina next to her but neither of them could communicate with each other. Abruptly their isolation comes to an end when both Steve and Sebastian enter the room and removed Christina’s earphones, while for Manuela they removed both the earphones and the Catwoman mask.
Steve addresses the two of them “Now I want to thank both of you for your co-operation and now I want to request for your help. I do not want to have to force you against your will but want you both to enjoy yourselves as we all will have fun, so please co-operate with us for some more time. I want you to participate in the game for the kids and the mothers and join in their activities so that all of us enjoy the evening’s fun and games. You will be playing and acting as Super Heroines and so you can expect to be tied up for some more time because the game demands your binding. I hope that you will join in the fun and you’ll be free soon! Okay?”
Christina does not understand what her son really tells them, does not understand this change of plan, thus both women look confused but cannot do anything but nod their heads. She realizes that there must be something else, another surprise perhaps? Steve seems to be satisfied by their response and the boys free the belts that restrained both the women to the table and help them to stand. They hold both Christina and Manuela tightly by their necks and forced them to hop on their high heels with their legs still tied in the leg binders. Hopping out to the living room they both are astounded beyond their expectations when they see a number of women sitting on the long sofa but tied and gagged as tightly as they both have been tied. Christina, still hopping and forced forward by the hand clutching her neck tightly eyes wide open cannot believe what she is seeing, and her heart beats madly, close to panic!!! 
There are four women seated and tied on the couch, all wearing a cosplay dress depicting a SuperHeroine. The first woman is a blonde wearing a micro bikini, with the bra sporting a blue triangle with the famous S symbol of Superman, though obviously being a woman, the S was meant to depict Superwoman. The bikini bottom is a micro bottom in red with side ties. The second woman is more recognizable since she wears a purple and black hood mask while the bra of the micro bikini is purple with a yellow Bat symbol of Batman, with the bottom is just a purple thong. The third woman has her hair done with two big side-tails, her face is painted white with streaks of blue, yellow, stars etc plus the hair is also coloured with streaks of Blue and yellow. Her micro bikini with the bra triangles of different colours, one red, one blue, with the bottom triangle of the thong also coloured in red and blue could only be the one and only Harley Quinn. The fourth and last woman wearing a bikini of dark blue colour was not easily identifiable but with some guesses, she is identified as PsyLocke. All four wear tiny, tight body-hugging latex bikinis. The two sisters look stunned at the sight of the four bound women but are forced to continue hopping, being directed to another couch and made to sit facing the other women.
Steve then addresses the four women in English “These two new superheroines are my mother and my aunt and they will now join you tonight and give you company for the planned project. I am sure that you all know my other since you must have seen her at the camp reception when you arrived. I hope you all make friends with each other while we go to make the final preparations for the game” he continued and the two brothers go out of the room.
Christina and Manuela sit still, stunned at finding out that the boys have managed to lure so many beautiful mothers to join in the evenings activities. The boys seem to have persuaded the women to don very skimpy outfits and allowed them to tie and bind and gag them so tightly in the living room, and the two sisters had no idea about these women being bound while they were tied up to the shelf in the inner room. Only the woman wearing the Batgirl costume has a mask while the others are without masks so were easily recognized by Christina as the mothers of some of the children who attend the animation classes in the village. It appeared that Steve and Sebastian had chosen the prettiest mothers and persuaded them to get tied up with the excuse that it was all for the Treasure Hunt game. 
All of them have their arms locked behind their backs and wear the reverse straitjacket, legs are also tied together by a leg-binder, with ball gags strapped tightly in their pretty mouths but Christina also noticed that their mouths may be stuffed by more than just the ball. The women are not girls but are adult women, women in their thirties who have children, and the children possibly may be attending the animation studio. Being mothers, their bodies are not the typical tight bikini bodies but have the rounded beauty of a mature woman, with bellies slightly rounded but they are also sexy, erotic and desirable! The bare parts of the bodies not covered by the costumes or the bindings is highlighted by the light as these parts are well oiled and reflect the light in a rainbow hue of colours. Christina realizes that besides not being able to free herself, not even with the help of her sister who, being as tightly tied as herself, cannot count on the help of the other women, because they are unaware that this was not just a game but an evil and weird plan conceived by the boys, which is fueled by the unbridled and lustful passion of the boys to tie up women and gag them and render them helpless. She also cannot disclose to the guest women that she was tied up against her will to avoid a possible scandal among the guests and also would be damaging and distasteful advertising for the village which was a very important destination for overseas guests and so these tied up women could be guests in the village which made it imperative that they do not know the real mean, sneaky and devious plan hatched by the boys.
In fact the women do not exhibit any agitation or worry, only seem a bit embarrassed due to the strangeness and excitement of their semi-nudity and helplessness, some of them flashing very bright blushes which are visible even over the lovely tan of the women. Realizing that these women were not kidnapped or bound against their wishes, Christina gives a big sigh of relief, calming herself knowing that the women were indeed volunteers, knowingly or unknowingly in the devious plan. Still, she is very angered that a possible kidnapping could have terrible repercussions on the village life as well as on the personal lives of the persons involved, and the fact that her children are very dangerous because of their unhealthy and kinky passion. She is agitated that this dangerous trend which started with capturing herself and her sister may expand to involuntary kidnapping if the boys were to lose their reason, sanity or judgement and they commit a dangerous law-breaking felony. At the same time, she also calms herself that the situation has not yet deteriorated to that dangerous point and is now faced with the thoughts of how to escape and get out of the mind-blowing embarrassment, being tied in skimpy clothing in front other people, even though they are also women.
Time passes very slowly without any way to avoid boredom which sets in as the women were forced to sit still without any communication or movement. There is just some screech, screech sound caused by the rubbing of the latex when the bodies try to adjust their restrained position, sitting forward or stretching the legs forwards or backwards. Initially the women try to communicate by smiling behind the ball-gags plugging their lovely mouths, but soon frustration sets in at not being able to speak with each other or being able to relieve the kinks setting in the tightly tied bodies. Christina wonders what these women must have told their husbands as they all seem to be on vacation with their families and how they explained their absence from spending quality time with the children and husbands? The excuse of the Treasure Hunt was brilliant, she realizes, which would give the husbands a justification to drink beer at the pub without any control from the wives. The Hunt also envisaged that the women would take the children to an early dinner then drop them at the entertainment place where there were local entertainers, and games, while the husbands watched the football and enjoyed beer, which then freed the women to go as volunteers for the Hunt. Such an arrangement was very welcome to both the children and the married men, who now were left to do as they please without supervision of their normally ever vigilant wives!!!!
The excuse thought by the boys is excellent and believable and it allowed them to take their pick of the most beautiful mothers, with the youngest children and they do choose with care to get the best women to participate in their game. The workshop for the village kids was mainly held in the daytime and hence many girls and women were free in the evening to participate in the various activities that were planned for this warm and pleasant evening. The extra activity planned by the boys made it easy to lure the moms to collaborate and they now had four beautiful amateurs co-operating with them to dress into sexy costumes and also agree to be tied up and gagged tight. But they also made sure that their mother would not interfere in the game and warn the chosen mothers by ensuring her own and her sisters kidnapping before they chose from the visitors.
The monotony of the moment is broken by the sound of the van engine, as Steve and Sebastian drive up to the warehouse in one of the vans owned by the camp site. The van goes around the back which would hide from public view the transportation of the women from the building into the back of the van. Entering the room, the two look triumphant and happy that the women are still in the same tightly tied position, and that their bonds have been impossible to loosen or escape.

Steve then addresses the six women about the plans for the evening saying:
OK, now that all of you are ready for the game, I would like to thank you again for participating in the evenings activities voluntarily, helping out the camp staff and taking part in making it a special evening for our little guests. As you know we organize a great many initiatives every evening for their entertainment but we wanted to do something different and exceptional for tonight. As mothers you all know that children have become big fans of superheroes and they recognize many heroines also and so we arranged this little game, a great Treasure Hunt. So, we have shortlisted a few of the most famous heroines, which are all of you, and the little guests will join with the staff to solve the clues which will lead them to the six heroines, who have been captured by a super-villian. And, so as a last favour, I ask you to kindly endure the last part of your preparation, in which we shall take you in the van to the village such that you do not see any of the guests. The only ones who will see you besides the both of us and the kids of the animation staff, are the kids including your children, who will participate in the Treasure Hunt so we shall have to hide each of you in some place in the village until the children solve the clues and come free you. I hope all is clear and once again, thanks! Let’s go!!!”

The cheerful speech and the thanks settled all and any doubts that the women had on their role in the Hunt, overcoming the anxiety, shame and fear for a woman tied up like they were. The only ones who were still unconvinced were Christina and Manuela, the only two non-volunteers in the game who were stuck because of the kinkiness of the boys. But nothing can spoil the boys fun and Steve was certainly not intimated by the angry looks of the two women, knowing fully that they will have to vent their anger in their severe ties without the possibility of ruining the boys plans, especially Steve who had planned the success of the game for months. Christina and Manuela are the to be loaded on the van first and Steve picks Christina up by pushing his hands in her armpits, where her arms are covered by latex pushing her arms up behind her back, lowers his shoulder to the height of the thong, the other hand on her bare ass and lifts her onto his shoulder caressing her butt holding her steady with the first hand wrapped around her legs. Christina can do nothing but only make muffled protests at the indignities and humiliations heaped on her by her own son. Manuela also is treated the same by Sebastian as she also has to bear the humiliation.
The two kidnappers bring out all the women one by one and deposit them on the floor of the van. They carefully look around to ensure that their actions have not been observed by anyone, which being dinnertime was very unlikely, with most of the village people and the camp site guests already enjoying their meals. The boys shut the rear doors and depart with their cargo. Inside, the atmosphere for most part is pleasant, with most women enjoying a feeling of excitement at being kidnapped, bound and gagged and helpless. They may never have been treated as they were now, like damsels put in distress by strong, young males and there is definitely a frisson of sexual vulnerability and some amount of fear at their sexual subjugation and the risk of being discovered in their state of semi-nakedness, but they are also comforted by the knowledge that it was a mock kidnapping and the ending was agreed upon by the boys. All these elements excite the women and there is also some muffled laughter also mingling with the excitement and the tension, except for Christina and Manuela who have been forcibly kidnapped quite a few times before and know what the boys are capable of and so they are filled with dread at the forthcoming events of the Treasure Hunt. The van then halts, the rear door is partly opened and the woman closest to the door is lifted and taken away swiftly. The van continues its journey, occasionally stopping and dropping off a woman at each halt. Christina and Manuela are the only ones who can recognize the progress of the van and where it stops thanks to their familiarity with the village, but this knowledge does not in any way help them and they are mute and bound spectators till their turn comes.
The last ones to be taken out from the van are in fact the two sisters’; Steve open the door and holding Manuela by the foot drags her to the edge of the van lifts her and takes her away, closing the door with his foot. This leaves Christina alone in the van and she is the only one of all the women who knows the real reason for arranging the Treasure Hunt, and her anger builds up to an outburst against the boys for putting the women in such a severe discomfort, but as usual she cannot escape her bonds. Alone in the van now, she is a bit disoriented from lying still in her position for so long; she tries to get up but her legs do not support her, being bound strictly in the leg binder for so long. Using her elbows and arms, she finally manages to kneel up, scooting forward a bit using her knees and legs and some little movement of her arms and elbows, manages to lean against the side panel of the van, trying to hear what is happening outside by putting her ear against the panel. She can’t hear much and also the area where they have brought her is a new development where there are bungalows but she is still does not understand where they are taking her sister. Time passes and her anxiety grows and she does not know what to do but expects that she would be bound in another creative and difficult position, and she would not be able to oppose or prevent them from putting her into an excruciating tie. In her agitation, she tries once again to move her arms, legs, anything to try escape from her bondage, but they have been tied too well to be able to get out. Her imagination goes haywire, wondering what devious plans they have for her this time, how they would treat her this time? And she shudders with the thought that the boys would hide her somewhere tightly tied all night till the next day, and fully expect that to happen, knowing her children so well.
The front doors of the van open and close, the engine started and the van lurched forwards. Christina realized that the boys now had Manuela stashed somewhere, definitely tied and gagged tightly. Christian’s heart jumps to her throat with fright, knowing that only she is now left to be taken care of by the boys. Shortly the van slows down and stops and the boys descend. In the silence that follows, Christina can hear the loud thumping of her heart. She struggles to get back onto her knees to kneel in the van floor, just as the rear doors open to let in some light. The sun is nearly over the horizon by this time and the twilight has settled in over the village, but still in this semi-darkness, there is enough light to highlight Steve with a broad flashing smile. Now there is only his mother to attend to, and he is at the end of his goal, his mother kneeling and frantically trying to mumble something from behind her gag, a very exciting sound for his ears,

Finally, Mum!” he exclaims, “now I shall take care of you and we are done to start the Treasure Hunt! You’ll love the experience I’m sure”. With a big laugh, he drags her body out of the van and and drops her on his shoulders, squeezing her impressive butt over and over. He now wears only a pair of boxer shorts. His torso rippling with tight muscles, takes her to the pool area which at that time is closed to the public, and being lonely, certainly not good place for a semi-naked bound and gagged woman.

Christina really hoped that her children didn’t want to put her into any kind of danger, but when they arrived at the pool, Steve plops her down from his shoulder to her feet, standing her in front of himself. Sebastian is already behind her steadying her while Steve plunges into the pool, which looks colourful, softly lit and with a lovely ambiance, setting a warm and comfortable mood, with soft lights at the bottom throwing multihued rainbows on the water, shimmering with the tiny waves. Steve stands on the shallow end of the pool and tells his brother to pass Mom to him in the water. Christina, now frantic and terrified shrieking in her gag, fluttering her eyes while she shakes her head no, no, no, but her boys ignore her writhing and struggling immerse her body in the water, holding her steady, while Steve tries to pacify her saying there’s no harm it’s just a pool of water…
She does not trust her son and increases her struggles but by now the two of them have manhandled her into the water. Water enters the leg binder and her body is half immersed in the pool, but Steve is not satisfied and drags her more into the centre of the pool, while she tries to hop away towards the edge of the water. Having centred her in the pool, Steve dives under the water. She desperately tries to observe what he might be doing under water but by then Steve has already used a strap to lock her heels to a chain running at the bottom of the pool. She struggles to escape, shrieking in her gag that this can’t be happening to her, but her squeals are not heard. He takes another chain and forces her to crouch over such that her neck is forced halfway into the water, with her chin touching the lapping water, locking her into that position by passing the second chain under her arms behind her back. Her position is very strenuous, neither sitting down, nor kneeling nor standing erect. Her resistance id futile as he is a strong young man while she is a stringently tied woman.
No! No! Just please …..” is what Christina would like to scream but it comes out only as a muffled “Mmmmmmmppphhhh, Mmmmmmp, Mmmmpppphhhhh!!!!” But Steve ignores his Mom’s frantic screams and remains calm because he wants to do a good job of restraining Christina in the water, Seba in the meantime remained out of the water watching with excitement the sight of his mother wriggling in vain like a snake, but unable to break free, with her feet are already chained to the bottom wit little chance of moving them as Steve further adjusts the chain making it tighter while she struggles unsuccessfully. Steve unrolled another chain and locks it to her collar with a padlock while she screams gazing intently into her son’s eyes asking for help and begging him to stop, but he is enjoying the helplessness of her gaze and adjusts the length of the chain equally against her arms. Next, he ties a string to her arms behind her back, then attached the other end to the straps of her ballgag and pulls sharply which causes Christina whose body is almost completely in the water, to angle her face upwards looking straight at the sky.
Now the water is slowly lapping over her neck, sometimes washing over her face when she struggles more. She desperately tries to hold her face up so that her nose and mouth would be out of the water. Steve enjoys her struggle admiring her frightened face while she is frightened that she will drown in the water, then turns to his brother:

She seems to be well tied and helpless, what say Sebastian? What do you think?”;
Great job, Steve! She looks helpless and well tied, but its time to leave; we don’t have too much time to lose. We have a Treasure Hunt to begin, the spectators await us and six other women waiting to be freed!”;
Alright Seba, give me a moment. Take some pictures then go back to the van and I’ll join you soon”;
Alright, but hurry!”

Seba takes a few pictures with the phone then starts for the van, while Steve checks for the safety of his mother, making sure that all chains are fixed tightly and nothing is missing. He jumps out of the pool and turns around to talk to her while she continues to struggle and tries to draw his attention:

Mom, you don’t have to worry! Be quiet, you won’t drown, its only for the show to make the danger authentic. You know today’s children and boys are very smart and you can’t fool them with simple shows. The performance has to be so authentic that they would believe it; As Wonder Woman you are falling very well into the part of the heroine in danger. Nothing will happen to you if you stay still but be sure to start struggling and screaming to get into the Damsel in Danger part and make it impressive when we get back here with the boys playing the Treasure Hunt! Bye now and have a good swim….”.

His hands rested on her bountiful breasts, squeezing them firmly, then kisses her on her cheek, while his fingers descended to her hard, prominent nipples which he pinched roughly, next spanking her on her curvy buttock. After this all over groping of his mother’s sexy body, he reluctantly climbed out of the pool.
Seeing Steve climb out of the water, she shockingly realized that she has really been left alone in her dangerous bound position, and all her struggles and screaming into the gag are irrelevant to Steve as he walks away, ignoring her completely. Also, her bonds prevented her from avoiding his most lecherous groping of her hard nipples or slap on the butt. She now has to concentrate on keeping her face out of the water to avoid the water from drowning her and to continue to breathe:

I have to keep calm” thinks Christina, “fantasize that I am the superheroine, Wonder Woman, and was kidnapped by a gang of robbers who tied me up in the pool. What would Wonder Woman do to escape this dire situation if she were in my place? But she has superpowers that I do not have so I have to just keep calm and keep my face out of the water. I wish that I could get rid of the chains, but I know I am too weak to break them. Eeeegggggghhhhh, those two bastards, see what I do to them when I am free!!!!”

And so run the thoughts in her mind, angry and frightened and worried though she very well knows that her children do not want to harm her and definitely not drown in the pool. Rather they are wish to exhibit her sexy body in various humiliating and erotic poses and keep her uncomfortably restrained like she is presently standing in an uncomfortable tied down crouch by the chains round her body. Its degrading and painful, the way she is tied without being able to relax her legs, or to straighten her torso, and also to keep her neck turned back so that her mouth is above the water and avoid to drink the pool water or allowing it to cover her nose and mouth. Her movements cause ripples in the water which threaten to swamp over her nose and mouth hence she has to stay very still and unmoving…
The chains prevent all her attempts to push against them and try to get out of the pool as they are tightly locked to its bottom surface. Her resistance slowly reduces as her muscles start to tire, but time passes very slowly and the aggravation of the situation is definitely greater forced to remain in a bent position without relief and struggling to keep her face out of the water. Screaming into the gag does not serve any purpose as the pool area was closed for the evening’s festivities and so there would be no-one to her the uncomfortable lady. The water lapping up and down against her ears let her hear the sounds of the village activities on and off as and when her ears break through the lapping water, the music from the Piazza, voices of the boys and adults. She wonders if her sister and the others have been put into similar bound treatment. She then rages at her foolish husband who stupidly always accepts the excuses her sons’ give to him for her regular absences without wondering why she should be absent for these important functions. More time passes with her still stuck in her unhappy condition when her luck changes and gives her a chance to be rescued, when a young happy couple sneak into the pool area. Possibly this couple have sneaked away from the activities to enjoy some illicit passion away from the crowds. The pool would be a favourite area to enjoy themselves when it was closed and these two noting that the area was deserted, promptly strip off their clothes and jump naked into the refreshing water. Christina takes the opportunity to scream and thrash vigorously and the disturbance attracts the attention of the couple who suddenly spot her. The boy apologizes in English while the girl runs off to clothe herself. The boy continues to apologize while Christina tries her best to request him to free her from her bonds. The boy suddenly remembers the Treasure Hunt and tells the girl in German, which was their language, that they seem to have found a captured superheroine!!!
The boy’s gaze swept over Christina’s body, admiring the large breasts almost spilling out of the tight skimpy bra and floating in the water. The boy also realizes that she can’t stop him from lusting on her sexy figure which was well lighted from the pool lights playing so lovingly over her stunning figure, exciting him due to the uncomfortable yet sensual position and her helplessness. Christina does not like the way the boy is lusting after her, but wish to get him to somehow understand that she wished to be free and so she kept n screaming into her gag and trying to make him understand what she wanted. She also realizes that this boy could be her only chance to be freed as the other young people must have started enjoying the activities in the village and maybe later they would sneak off to the lake front to enjoy a passion filled night. Her biggest fear was that that she was somehow forgotten or maybe she was kept here on purpose till the next day suffering from her bonds all night long. Therefore, to her thinking, it was absolutely imperative that she keep this boy’s attention on herself and somehow make him understand that she wanted to be untied before he panicked and ran away.
Unfortunately, the couple panic seeing her bound and gagged and not wanting to get involved in any illegal activity, leaving Christina back screaming abuses into her gag, which in any case no one can understand. Over the next few hours, many people move past on the street next to the pool, young boys singing at the top of their voices. Some lose their way to the pool but none of them stop to help her, racing away in fright, not wanting to get involved. Christina, tightly bound in an extremely distressful position, has to work hard to keep her mouth and nose away from the lapping water.
Finally, she senses a furtive tread behind her as someone stealthily enters the pool and moves towards her. She panics as the water laps over her face and mouth and tries to turn to see who it is in the pool with her. Her bondage prevents her from turning and suddenly her fear turns to terror as a pair of hands hug her from behind. She wiggles violently not knowing who is behind her, hoping it is her son but the arms holding her tightly do not look like her son’s arms. Her scream pierces the air, being the strongest that she can voice as her struggles almost making her slip into the water as her heels slip on the smooth pool floor.

The man tries to calm her down and stay silent with a quiet “Shhhhh!!” but Christina is now spooked very much hysterical while he tells her in English:
Now I’ll calm you down!”.

A hand catches her by her wet hair, a hand squeezes her moth hard and a strong force pushes her into the water with the weight of the man forcing her body down so that her head submerges under the water. The chains which had prevented her from straightening her body out of the water are fixed such that they curve down but not up. Christina’s terror increases while she tries to hole her breath as much as she could but suddenly she is pulled out of the water, being able to take a deep breath. But the man’s hand is still tight on her mouth preventing the water from entering her mouth.

Now will you be good or should I try again?” he threatened….

Terrified she immediately nods her head affirmatively acquiescing to his demand, on which the man takes his hand away from her mouth and she could straighten up into her original semi-crouched position in which her son had bound her. He squeezes her breasts, caressing them while his other hand caresses her curvy butt, his fingers touching the strip of her thong as his hand slowly descends from her breasts to her belly. She feels his tumescent organ poking at her ass cheeks and she realizes what is going to happen to her, her panic peaks but she remembers not to scream fearing being drowned again. The man moves the thong strip aside and his organ pokes against her ass-hole, seeking entry into her hot orifice. She, frightened but accepting her degradation, holds still while the man slowly and gently pushes his full sex and once fully inserted Christina feels full in her ass.

He slowly proceeds to move forwards and backwards rocking her with his motions while he whispers in her ear:

My Love, you’ll love it!!”;
Mmmppppphhhhhh”, is all she can respond;
Shhhh, shhhhh” he tells her;

She finds herself completely at the mercy of a stranger fucking her anally because of her children as he continues his motions pushing his penis deep into the hollaw tube of her ass and pulling out almost completely before pushing it fully. She tries to turn her head to see who is taking advantage of her helplessness, but he forces her face forwards again and holds her steady by her neck.
With one arm holding her, the man increases his pace, and Christina can feel his turgid organ moving within herself forwards and backwards taking it almost out of her asshole and then thrusting it fully in her bowels. In the meantime, his other hand moves across her bust, releasing her large boobs free in the water from the tiny triangles of her costume. Both his hands now tighten over her breasts squeezing them hard and using them to increase his motion within her. Christina feels herself succumbing to the pain mixed with pleasure and relaxes her body and her tight asshole welcoming the intruding member which is in fact really raping her and starting to enjoy her rape. Her surrender to the man also excites him so that his penetration is both faster and deeper into her, while Christina also thrusts in sync with him, meeting his motions with opposing motions of her own thus increasing both their pleasure as she lets go all inhibition and co-operates in her rape. She digs her heels into the pool floor to steady herself enjoying this different experience without any guilt of having betrayed her husband or the use of a vibrator, accepting this as an unexpected gift! His body keeps slamming hard against her butt, the water moving because of their movements, his hands holding her tight by the hips now, moving faster and faster and ripples of excitement and sexual frisson jolting her body as she arrives at the brink of a strong orgasm causing her moans to change to a pleasurable sound.
The man continues to fuck her, his hands playing with her breasts like they were sponges, and with his face buried behind Christina’s ear the sounds of his pleasure were evident to her as finally he spews his sperm into her hot, wet and humid backhole. Slowly, the man releases her wet and stunned body and without a word or caress disappears away into the darkness. Christina tries to straighten up and tries to fill her lungs with precious air which their frenzied activity, combined with her well filled mouth and the pool water had deprived her of.

Christina tries to get her assailant to free her but the man had already disappeared into the darkness:
That bastard did not even free me, and of course after what he did, he would certainly not want me to recognize him!” she fumed.

She continues struggling when she hears some louder sounds coming from the road and soon enough observes what seem to be small dark figures advancing towards her with lights. As the figures come forward they come into the circle of the pool lights and Christina recognizes them as the boys and girls who participated in the games along with their counsellors also including her children, her sister and the other superheroines. The superheroines have not yet been untied and still wear their tight gags, following the group of children. The “superheroines” are leashed and the leashes are held by their own sons who now and again tug their leashes causing the mothers to hasten forward by the pressure of the leash. Such a sweet, affectionate and tender image of MILF DiD’s!!!
The game seems to be coming to an end with the superheroines having being found, and “freed” with the last of the heroines, Wonder Woman, being discovered severely tied in the pool, where she struggles to breathe with her large boobs pulled out of her costume and exposed for all to see and admire.

Very interesting!” thinks Steve.


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