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Vampire Lacerator

This particular cult of vampires cut themselves. Now I know what you're thinking. "How emogoth is that? Do they wear mascara and cry themselves to sleep over a bottle of Robotussin and some feux-obscure band that sounds a bit like music itself is crying?"

But no. We're taking vampires back, damnit. These guys are not f-ing around. They cut themselves as a wager with their lives. If they do not succeed in thier task, and feed, they die before dawn.

That is totally metal.

On a side note, this painting reminds me of "the Resisty" from Invader Zim. If you've seen that episode, I'm sure you'll see what I'm talking about. If you haven't seen Invader Zim, then how is there any meaning in your life?

For Magic the Gathering. Art Directed by Jeremy Jarvis.

Wallpaper, prints, and such on my website [link]
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This is a vampire!
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badass concept..
and you're funny
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This work of yours got in the featured folder in the :iconnekkid-boys: group! :clap:
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oh my, when Sláine become vampire...scary! XD

nice concept, great style! ^^
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Looks like it would be in Skyrim. Cool none the less.
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it kind of reminds me of kratos from god of war but with longer hair and the fact that it's a vampire
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I'll never forget the day my big bro got this card. Fist pumping and much squealing. xD;
Thanks for creating such an awesome looking card, or rather I should be saying, thank you very
much for creating so radical and kick-ass cards. ^- ^
I hardly ever play MtG, but I enjoy collecting the cards because the artwork is always so awesome!
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awesome look.....
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I just found this card in one of my booster packs that I bought today, and I thought, he's one wicked looking vamp. I cycled him into my red/black deck very promptly. I collect the cards for the art just as kuch as to play. I love this piece. Thanks for the time and effort you put into it! ^^
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You're making art for Magic: The Gathing? Oh holy gosh, that's cool!
I'm kinda proud I know this card, it's in the deck of Sorin, the vampire guy at the campaign (Xbox download Magic).
Baam, I love your art <3
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My favorite Card in all of magic there is and ever will be
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Assamite Vampire
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Awesome! hes definitely my favorite card from Zendikar, helped me out of a lot of tight spots...and put me in even more of them. nice job
Rabidus-Lepus's avatar
I wasn't thinking anything "emogoth" at all actually. My entire thought was "OMG THAT IS SO F*ING BADASS!!"

And then I went "DUDE, THESE GUYS ARE JUST EPIC" when I read your comment about the cult. Very serious stuff they undertake, which makes for one badass picture!
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Your vampire is so COOL!
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i love this
and have this card
used to be in my vampire deck

sickkkkk :D
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This is really incredible. The sense of movement blows me away. And the ideas behind it are really something! Fantastic!
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Kratos with hair!
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Zendikar seems like it'll be fun...Esspecially with all the Vampires running around :)
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