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"Untamed."  AKA "Kobe Sensei" (for Legend of the Five Rings.)

You should see the other guy!  And by that, I mean the Lion that had the poor sense to try and tackle this extremely capable samurai.

With this piece, I really wanted to tell the story of this character.  At first glance, she's a capable samurai sporting a wartime-length katana.  But looking closer at the details, you can see that she's seen battle.  Probably more than her fair share.  She's scarred, she's resolute, she's calm.  There's some ambiguity as to whether she still possesses a left arm under her armor.  Her face has a permanent scar from that looks like it could have come from the claws previously owned by the lion who's skull is on her shoulder.  And yet there's a respect, an honoring, of the strength of the lion, in her armor and her accouterments.  The image, a peaceful, quiet moment.  Perhaps a fleeting respite from the war she's come to know as her daily life.

For Legend of the Five Rings.  Copyright Steve Argyle.

Skull and claws provided by "Honest Kraven's Discount Bodyparts Emporium and Small Business Loans."  If you've got bones, money, or need either: come to Kraven's!  No questions asked and no answers given!
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Amazing picture!
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Very nice, despite the scar she's still beautiful. It's hard to tell if the sword she's carrying over her shoulder is an actual katana, which normally would go in her belt next to the wakizashi short-sword, or if it's the longer no-dachi, which was supposedly actually an inferior blade normally used by samurai who couldn't afford a horse to chop the legs out from under enemy horses. If you have ever seen the original Seven Samurai it's a no-dachi that Toshiro Mifune's character carries, it's part of why they knew he's not a real samurai since he doesn't even realize that it's not a katana. (I know, probably TMI, but I figured it would be fun to share the little knowledge I have.)   ;)
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I have had this playmat for years. Its awesome. Never knew it was your work.
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Great job with the light and color! Powerful presence
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Excellent work.  I like the color scheme.
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