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Thalaasa, Ocean Queen

This was a really fun project to work on. It's for Warlord (CCG,) by Phoenix Intercactive. Arne Reuter art directed, and we talked some about where he wanted to go with the new set. After covering some of the setting, history, and ecology of these new, undersea elves, Arne basically said "Go for it. We'll take whatever you come up with."

Which was awesome. I like having a part in the innovation process.

The basics here are that these elves, many many generations ago, fled to the oceans. The focus of their development of magic and technology turned to ways to live comfortably in the sea. Then ways to dominate it. Thalaasa, being more ambitious than her predecessors, has begun raids on the land-folk, expanding her kingdom to more than just the oceans.

Copyright Phoenix Interactive and Steve Argyle.
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Raiding land-folks? Ooooh ... yer huntin' troubles, missy.
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It's just brilliant!
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Amazing work and scene!
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Hi, I'm a Canadian guitarist and composer and I wanted to let you know that when I looked at your work, "Thalaasa" it inspired me an instrumental piece of music.

I sincerely hope that you will not be offended by what I did but I still wanted you to let you hear it.

You can find the track right there:…

If you wish to complain or want me not to use this specific work of Art, let me know and I will take it down without delay.

You can also e-mail me at:

Best regards.
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You gotta love when an artist's work is so well-received that the people ordering it say they'll take it before even seeing it.
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Amazing!, are the other elves her handmaidens or attendants? :)
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featured in the special "Atlantis" here [link]
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this sorta reminds me of the scene from "Avatar The Last Air Bender," In the episode of The Painted Lady. She kind of looks like the main girl in your drawing. :)
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Very cool and elegeant pic...Love the mature version of this pic as well...Never knew how beautiful underwater was until now...ALL HAIL THE OCEAN QUEEN!!!
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The two pics of these are so amazing, how much I really like mermaids. These are really beautiful, the detail of your art is fascinating :D and the shading. LOL
Aquatics is one of my most favorite concepts in fantasy and scifi, beautiful work you did!:dummy:
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You know, it's been almost three years since you made this image and I still wish I could have it as a wallpaper.
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This is incredible. Are there any prints?
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Although I have a mild phobia of deep water, I could happily drown in this setting lol
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Truely mythical!!!!!
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I should have been one of these... a beach/sea elf. Perfection.
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You serious? O.o Wow awesome man!
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so cool.. :omg:

:jedi: Shwenk!
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