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May 14, 2018
Terminator Genisys: Fall of Skynet by SteveArgyle
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Terminator Genisys: Fall of Skynet


Terminator Genisys: Fall of Skynet

The expansion to Rise of the Resistance, available as a reward bundle if you help us kickstart this awesome game!

So cool to paint a T-3000!…

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Will Matt Smith be back?
I wish that I had some of the comics.
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When I saw the giant head, I.immediately thought "show me what you got"
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Lol!  I will forever do the same now!
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Gorgeous art - the metal textures are just outstanding - but including Skynet in the title sort of gives away the twist.

Skynet always returns in the sequel.
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Wow these are absolutely killer. Going to check out the KS now!
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Man the Time and effort you put in this artwork really pays off, stunning artwork
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I listened to the words he'd say
But in his voice, I heard decay
The plastic face, forced to portray
All the insides left cold and grey
There is a place that still remains
It eats the fear, it eats the pain
The sweetest price he'll have to pay
The day the whole world went away

*Badass Droning Guitar Riff Intensifies*

Splendid art here. Well drawn, and well done.
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