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Steve Argyle Bayushi Kachiko

Kachiko, Scorpion seductmurderess supreme.

Now, if you did not know who this was, and what she's good at, you'd mistake her look for "Hello. I'd like you to meet my bed. I think the three of us have a lot to not-talk about tonight..."

But... BUT... BUTT... Butt!

Sorry, lost focus there. But: You must beware. She is ultimately loyal to her emperor, and her clan. As for you, only she really knows. So just know you're rolling the dice on whether you'll have the smartest, hottest, most resourceful girlfriend in all Rokugan, or whether she'll pull a poison-filled squirt-gun that shoots knives and irritable scorpions on you from... somewhere. You're attention was sort of fixed elsewhere.

As testiment to her skills of perception and stabbing, there were four attempted assassination attempts during our photoshoot that she thwarted with her hairpins. All without mussing up her makeup, or detaching any of the copious amount of double-stick tape.

Looking back, we should have noticed there was something wierd about having a boom operator on a photo set. Or a poison dart booth.

For Legend of the Five Rings. Art Directed by Adrian Burton. Copyright AEG and me.

Kachiko is proudly sponsored by "Daidoji MacGuyver Specialty-Wierdness Fabricators." Her hairpins have wi-fi and 4G, offer forbidden secrets a friendly soothing tone, and can be sent a-stabbing to any point in time and space. Also can be used as chopsticks. Dishwasher safe.
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Steve, when are you going to do a monster girl collection? 
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So great to see Kachiko receiving such wonderful treatment. She may be gone, but she certainly is not forgotten. Thank you for sharing! 
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A sexy bad babe in a pic with great artwork and wonderful coloring!  :winner:
Eh, there are still people out there who remember L5R :) Great Work!
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Beautiful work The cloth is very satiny, and she's gorgeous of course. :)
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Im just... in love, thanks, i love that character
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Great back story, fantastic painting :)
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An epiphany strikes me to solve that conundrum. I am born of the scorpion clan, and become emperor. Yet I envision a lamentable arrangement of an empty relationship with a consort of duty and not of emotion which interests me not at all. I will perhaps remain in this world, 'till my imagination recompenses me with more scenes of the magic tower I'm building.
Regarding the image, it's masterfully done. I do like the chromatic passivity, it's lighting's dulcet tones are obvious, which grants it copious amouts of atmosphere. It's also adheres to how I envisioned the scorpion clan's chaotic aesthetic as lent it in this image by the light of candle's wicks. I adore the passionate it feels.
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Kachiko! Whoo! pretteh, but do her eyes seem a bit too anime for your semi-realistic style?
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Really Great work!
Great job.
The eyes seem off.
Is that due to P'an Ku's influence?
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She looks great!
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So glad you're posting again!
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This is real art. I like it! Color scheme is awesome.
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Steve, outstanding !! High five buddy !! *clap!!*
This looks like a young Kachiko, maybe before she married the beautiful daimyo Bayushi Shoju....
(if i don't say that he'll hang me in traitor's Grove)
I want a set of hairpins with Wi-Fi for my wife !!
As always your art is amazing and your Artist Comment are insane !!!
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Not that surprised to see that the folks at L5R are recruiting your awesome skills, too. Amazingly detailed work, as always.
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Sexy. <-- That is an understatement.

So, how do I join this Scorpion Clan thing? 'Cause then she'd be loyal to me and that would be awesome.
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magnificent work
very very amazing and sensual
great as always
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One can accomplish just about anything with boobs. Clan champion, Thunder, Empress ... name it!
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