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Spellweaver Duo

"Spellweaver Duo" for Magic the Gathering: Battlebond.

This piece didn't make it onto the greatest card ever.  That happens sometimes.  As far as Magic the Gathering goes, this card is likely doomed to obscurity.  Disappointing, but I do like the way the art turned out.  I wanted to convey a sense of synergistic strengths combining.  The man, summoning and harnessing raw power from the surroundings.  The woman, harnessing and fashioning that energy into a potent sorcery.  The sum of their skills creating more than either of them could alone.  Together, they take over the world or something.  I hadn't thought that far ahead.  But probably world taking-over.  That seems to be popular with power-couples these days.

Copyright Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro.

Tattoos by Stabbytime Ink and Vintage Candy.  "When you wake up from the sugar coma, you'll be living art!"
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Would you mind if I made the card? I love making cards, and if Wizards of the Coast won’t make it, perhaps I could! Just give me the stats you want, and I’ll post it (I’ll give you credit, of course. It is your card.) I comment the link to it, too, if you want.
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so dynamic. one of the best magic circle designs ever!
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"Behold my stand!"

I'm sorry. 
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Epic and Badass
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so powerful. love it
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Thanks!  I really enjoyed creating this piece.
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Sweet art, you really nailed it, wish the card was better.
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Thank you!  I wish the card were better too.  I (usually) have no idea what cards are going to good.  They don't tell us any of the stats when we do the artwork, so we're left guessing.  But I try and do my best work, no matter what.
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