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Snuff Out - Alternate Version.

Liliana Vess. Gorgeous supreme sorceress of the black arts.

Concubine of death and weaver of destruction, here we see just how easy it is for her to snuff out a life with her dark craft.

And yet, how many among us would kick her out of bed for eating crackers? Show of hands? Now, how many of us would still lay there smiling, although maybe a few scoots further away, if she were eating kittens in bed? Hands?

Indeed, Liliana's genius was revealed when first she asked the devils for eternal beauty. How powerful an attribute to lure prey, and soften one's enemies...

For Magic the Gathering. Art directed by Jeremy Jarvis.

Special thanks to Cheyenne, who spontaneously modeled for Liliana while taking a break from restoring a 1984 Goldwing.
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This tells such a story, as does all your work. You're such an inspiration to me and I always look forward to your uploads :love:

Keep up the good work, my friend! :la:
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I actually like this version a LOT better. The other one makes her seem garish and oversells the magic side of her nature. 
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just wonderful.
brutal i love it!
ha screw a few scoots away id offer to cook the thing for her
well assuming it's still alive and/or uncooked anyway
Steve Argyle is god
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wickedly wonderful work...OH and I love your commentary.
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I like this version better
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Great! I was in search of a lady for a recurring vilain in a D&D game, doh wizards!

Amazing work :)
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Wow, It is just me, or Do Background remind me of Innistrad Now?
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I loved this so much to where it became my desktop backround. Now I can see this awesome badass sorceress everyday! :)
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Love the wry smile there, excellent work!
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Your amazing work has been featured :heart: here [link] :aww:
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